Anne Ricketts.

It’s a silent goal of mine to own a small bronze sculpture in my lifetime. Lucky for me there’s Anne Ricketts. All of her pieces are miniature or small in size and designed to make quality craftsmanship affordable. (I’m leaning towards the heart.) {via Cool Hunting}


Abandoned Public School.

For the past few days I’ve been daydreaming about this print of an abandoned public school in Smithville, Texas. In my dream it’s sitting happily upon my mantel in a sturdy walnut frame. I’d like it to be a solid 24×36″, but in reality it’s only 8×10″. What’s a girl to do?


Pepa Prieto.

Spanish artist Pepa Prieto creates these intricately woven mixed media pieces that bring nothing but a smile to my face. Lots of her art has underlying tones of violence and anger, but she channels both beautifully.


Chilled Soup is Weird + Delicious.

Chilled soups have always intrigued me. Soup is supposed to be hot! Except when it’s not. Like when it’s in the triple digits and you want a light lunch. Or you want to inject some fruit into the picture. {Click on each picture to go to the original recipes!}


Fall Beauty Bag.

Let’s take a minute and talk about bangs. I love mine. They frame my face just so and make one of my better features, my eyes, pop more than usual. I also hate them. More specifically what they do to my forehead – I’m talking about the dreaded breakout.

After a few months of frustration I had a decision to make: either the bangs go or my routine changes. Like I said, I love my bangs. So last weekend I headed to the dreaded mall with a mission and left armed with Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (no oil!) and their Acne Solutions foundation (also oil-free). And then just to make myself feel better (and not like a 14 year old girl) I popped over to Estee Lauder and picked up this Classic Red lipstick for fall.

After a few days of use I’m noticing a nice difference. Less oil. Better coverage. All I could have asked. Maybe I just should have listened to my stylist when he told me to buy this moisturizer two months ago… when I got bangs.