Paper Stories.

Paper Stories is the brainchild of photographer, designer & teacher, Kelly Maron. In 2004, after creating all of the essentials that made her own wedding unique and special, it saddened her to think that the planning and designing portion would eventually end. So after eight years of teaching photography and graphic design, she left the educational field to work on something a little closer to home. Literally. She works out of a studio in her home.

I’m loving the juxtaposition of the snide phrases and beautiful, flowing designs of these notecards in the Bittersweet Collection. Cards are $5 each or $20 for all five.

The Family Marriage Ring is an amazing alternative to traditional family tree diagrams. Laid out in a circular design, the ring celebrates the history of a couple, starting from the center moving outward. With this being wedding season I thought this would be a great gift idea. Prints are $100-500 depending on the printing technique you choose.


Ben Matthews.

Ben Matthews is an artist from Pittsburgh who spends his days painting signage for a local grocery store chain. It’s what he does in his off hours that’s truly amazing. His characters are based on imaginary bizarre inventions, old advertisements, sideshows, antique photographs and storybooks. The result is sometimes unsettling, but always mesmerizing. Matthews says that when he creates his art he tries to make the pieces look as though they’ve “already served their purpose” (i.e. worn). By doing so he creates a past for the posters and a history for us, the viewer, to unravel.