You Can Do It: Golden Glass Bottles

I’ve been collecting glass bottles from seltzer, sangria, and sauces for months now. Last weekend I finally figured out what I wanted to do with them, make gold colorblocked home accessories of course! It’s really easy if you have a half hour to spare and makes a great display when grouped together. Wanna learn how to make your own?


What you’ll need:
• glass jar(s) or bottle(s)
• painter’s tape
• spray paint in the color of your choosing
• newsprint or garbage bag

Start with a clean container. I soaked them labels off of mine in the sink with a little dish soap, then used a green kitchen scrubber to get the glue and label off.


Next, figure out where you want your paint line to hit and use a strip of painter’s tape to make a clean line all the way around the container.


At this point move the whole project outside if you haven’t already. Lay down a piece of newsprint or a garbage bag and flip the container upside down. Spray a light coat of paint to cover the base.


Once it’s dry, flip the container back over and use a bit more painter’s tape to attach a piece of a paper that covers the part you don’t want to get paint on. Then stuff the excess paper inside the opening.


Now lightly spray the sides, making sure to overlap the tape and paper. Allow to dry, then go over again if glass is showing through.


Once the paint is completely dry remove the paper and tape. Tada! A super clean line. And now you have a vase, or pencil container, or insta-accesory.