Shady Acres

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Back in August I had a chance to meet a few of the people behind Shady Acres, including the queen bee herself Ana Finkle. You know how passion shows? So much of that. Ana’s been preserving since early childhood and grew up on the land that is Shady Acres Organic Farm in upstate New York. A few years ago they organically certified the land and she received her Master Preserver Certification from Cornell University. All of Shady Acres’ jams, relishes, and chutneys are handcrafted in small batches of three to six jars, ensuring consistency and quality from the end product as well as the fruit and produce they pick right outside. They gave me a jar of black currant jam that I’ve been rationing, so it’s probably time I swung by their shop to pick up a new seasonal flavor – I’m eyeballing the caramel pear jam!


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Print Edition: October


Married to the Sea by Clare Elsaesser // Cheeses of the World by Nane Press //
Vintage Cream Hydrangeas by Flora & Fauna-ist // Feather Study #9 by Barloga Studios //
Women by Modern Women



Fern by Brettisagirl // Flower Girl by Mouni Feddag // Last Bite by Violet Tinder //
Little Owl by Amy Hamilton // Mushroom & Fungus Classification by Idlewild Co.



Royal Tenenbaums 111 Archer Ave. by Familytree // Winter Feast by People I’ve Loved //
Santorini, Greece by Essi Kimpimäki Illustration // The Entire Universe Is Inside You
by Oh Mamma Mia // Tree Leaf & Gold Leaf by Anna Tovar


Happy Weekend

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A series we used to run last year – Tips + Tricks – is making a return in a different form. Design Crush has partnered with eBay to bring you a series of guides between now and the holidays showing off different seasonal themes, projects, and advice. I’m really looking forward to stepping back into these shoes and sharing some interesting, helpful things with you over the next few months! Here are the first ten guides that went live in September, and I’ll be popping in here and there to share more with you. Just click on the image to head over.

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Jesús Perea

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Madrid-born Jesús Perea is both a graphic designer and illustrator, the influences of one always present in the work of the other. I really enjoy the way he views the boundaries of the page and the color choices – or lack thereof – that he makes. Right now Perea’s focus is on creating limited edition prints of his work, a massive collection of these pieces are available for purchase in his shop.


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Hanahzo Soaps

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Soap that may as well be art for your bathroom? YES, PLEASE. Hanahzo is a Korean brand with the tagline pause your life, which I need to do just a little more often. With these delicious looking toiletries in the bath or sitting on the counter I imagine that might be a little easier to do. And yes, they do ship internationally!


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(via Anthology)


Crystal Wagner

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Crystal Wagner‘s large-scale installations are the stuff creative dreams are made of. The colorful organic shapes seem to grow and burst at the seems right before your eyes as each piece multiplies and develops. If you pay attention you’ll note the natural occurrences  – forest-like themes, groves, etc. – that are inspired by Wagner’s extended stays in national parks like Yellowstone and Joshua Tree. (But if you’re too busy staring in awe I can’t blame you.)


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