MIX&MATCH-1-Design Crush


Sophisticated yet fun, the Mix&Match collection is a collaboration between GAN and ceramic artist Flavia Del Pra. Each of the nine designs of hand-crafted ceramic sit on a copper-plated aluminum base. Serve drinks for cocktail hour, enjoy breakfast in bed, or use one for any other number of purposes – even just to bring a little pattern into a room.


MIX&MATCH-2-Design Crush

MIX&MATCH-3-Design Crush

MIX&MATCH-4-Design Crush

MIX&MATCH-5-Design Crush


Dániel Taylor

Dániel Taylor-1-Design Crush


Budapest-based artist Dániel Taylor doesn’t shy away from experimenting with plenty of styles and mediums in his work. He does however stay true to what inspires him the majority of the time – the female form, nature, and the ethereal. Whether it’s through collage, double exposure, or silhouetting, Taylor captures beauty. Check out his Society6 shop to own some of Daniel’s art, including this series that’s my favorite.


Dániel Taylor-2-Design Crush

Dániel Taylor-3-Design Crush


All Things Coffee

Maybe you’ve noticed the days getting shorter, or your kiddos are headed back to the classroom, or you just really love the stuff *raises hand*. It doesn’t feel like a day has truly begun until I’ve had a big mug of coffee. During the week I’m usually in a rush to get started working so I stick to standard drip in my Cuisinart, but when I have more time on the weekend to make coffee a ritual I opt for my french press or Chemex. I’m curious – how do you make yours?


1/ Bamboo French Press Coffee Maker   2/ Emma Coffee Vacuum Jug   3/ H.A.N.D. Coffee Carafe Set   4/ Hario Nel Drip Set   5/ Pour-Over Kettle   6/ H.A.N.D. Stainless Steel Kettle   7/ Theo Coffee Maker   8/ Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker   9/ Stagg Pour-Over Kettle


Cheryl Sorg

Cheryl Sorg-1-Design Crush


Wouldn’t you just burst into a smile upon seeing Cheryl Sorg‘s street art in the wild?! Each colorful geometric piece is made from carefully cut and applied metallic tape before finding its home on the wall of a concrete underpass, a street pole, or any number of other places in the concrete jungle. (Cheryl’s Instagram is also a great spot to check out!)


Cheryl Sorg-2-Design Crush

Cheryl Sorg-3-Design Crush

Cheryl Sorg-4-Design Crush

Cheryl Sorg-5-Design Crush

Cheryl Sorg-6-Design Crush


Keep On Wearing White

White Drifter Midi Skirt

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is only a few short weeks away, and with it the unofficial end of summer. Whatever you do don’t put away those warm weather whites until next year, rather transition them into fall with the rest of your wardrobe. Layer lighter pieces with a jean or moto jacket, maybe put on a pair of tights and boots, or even layer something with sleeves under something without. (It’s also an opportune time to troll your favorite sites for sales on all things summer!)


Annushka Blouse // Bremen Pullover // Carson Plunge-Front Tee


Chairman Dress // Everyday Top // Everyday Jumpsuit


Ivory Pocket Tank Dress // Lina Blouse // Loisel Dress


Long T-Shirt Dress // Roll Sleeve T-Shirt Dress // Sailor Denim Skirt


Peta Clancy

Peta Clancy-1-Design Crush


Peta Clancy‘s mixed media series is completely fascinating. She explores themes of impermanence, transience, temporality, mutability, and the limits of the human body through piercing, crumpling, creasing, and wax embedding.


Peta Clancy-2-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-3-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-4-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-5-Design Crush

Peta Clancy-6-Design Crush


Stephan Zirwes / Pools

Stephan Zirwes-1-Design Crush


Between the amount of Olympic swimming coverage I’ve been watching and the heatwave that’s happening outside, Stephan Zirwes‘ latest – Pools – seems like the perfect thing. Zirwes is a master of aerial photography, one of my favorite things, and took to the air in southern Germany to capture these manmade bodies of water. Only the pool tiles were manipulated to create a canvas and minimize distraction.


Stephan Zirwes-2-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-4-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-3-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-5-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-6-Design Crush

Stephan Zirwes-7-Design Crush



Appointed-1-Design Crush


Being as I consider myself a bit of a stationery aficionado, I’m sort of amazed that I’ve never written about Appointed. It’s only been about a year and a half ago since the American-made brand of luxe utilitarian desktop products funded themselves on Kickstarter. All of Appointed’s paper goods and accessories are thoughtfully handcrafted with the finest of materials, making functional synonymous with beautiful. Be sure to check out the classic-yet-modern monogramming they offer as well!


Appointed-2-Design Crush

Appointed-3-Design Crush

Appointed-4-Design Crush

Appointed-5-Design Crush