Happy Weekend

1/Mehmet Ali Uysal‘s installation literally peels and pinches the walls of a gallery.  2/Adult Capri Suns are a thing.  3/Chuan-Bin Chung uses his chalkboard drawing skills to teach students anatomy.  4/IKEA taps HAY and Tom Dixon for new products.  5/Minipresso is the world’s smallest outdoor espresso maker.  6/The colorful grout trend.  7/Pole dancer performs an interactive routine with a responsive geometric background.  8/Genius wage gap alarm clock that rings for women after 79% of the workday.  9/JC Sheitan Tenet got the world’s first tattoo arm prosthesis.  10/Temporary tattoos from Jeannerot look and smell good.  11/Perch Light is a playfully interactive light shaped like an abstract bird.  12/Olafur Eliasson installed a waterfall in the middle of the Palace of Versailles garden.


1/Kris Knight  2/Dreamy Daybeds  3/Katherine Tromans  4/Incense Burner No. 1 Corian
5/William Betts  6/Muesli 12 Ways  7/Matthias Heiderich  8/Ridges  9/Reyes de la Flor


Reyes de la Flor

Reyes de la Flor-4-Design Crush


This week has been sweltering, well, just about everywhere. Reyes de la Flor‘s paintings set in everyday urban life are resonating because of it. Can’t you almost smell the street smells, the humanity of it all? This type of summer heat seems to pull people out of their homes rather than keep them inside, and that’s just what she captures.


Reyes de la Flor-1-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-2-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-3-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-5-Design Crush

Reyes de la Flor-6-Design Crush

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Ridges-1-Design Crush


If you love geometry and color Ridge is for you. The range of wall mounted shelves are available in both portrait and landscape, while the coordinating trays are made from the knocked out pieces of metal. The shelves are powder coated in different colors on each side – sulfur yellow and pure white – while the trays are signal blue and dark blue or tomatoe red and wine red.


Ridges-2-Design Crush

Ridges-3-Design Crush

Ridges-4-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)


Matthias Heiderich

Matthias Heiderich-1-Design Crush


I could write about Matthias Heiderich for days, both because his architectural photography is so good and because there’s such a plethora of it to explore. He always seems to be looking up and out, busily capturing everyday beauty that others don’t seem to see on their own.


Matthias Heiderich-2-Design Crush

Matthias Heiderich-3-Design Crush

Matthias Heiderich-4-Design Crush

Matthias Heiderich-5-Design Crush

Matthias Heiderich-6-Design Crush

Matthias Heiderich-7-Design Crush

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Muesli 12 Ways

Muesli, aka raw oatmeal, came into my life several years ago on a business trip. I was looking for the healthiest option at the hotel’s grab and go breakfast and went for it, having no idea what I was eating other than cold oatmeal. But I really liked it and noticed how it kept me full for a long time, atypical for breakfast foods and my body. I’ve since made muesli for myself and am always looking for ways to mix it up and take advantage of seasonal fruit to add in. Check out these twelve recipes and let me know, are you a fan?














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William Betts

William Betts-1-Design Crush


William Betts may have just been added to my Imaginary Dinner Party list, if for no other reason than I’d love to talk about process with him. His visually impactful pieces are essentially layered color spectrums, and because no human could apply paint as precisely as needed William created a machine to do it. Now that’s a brain I’d like to pick.


William Betts-2-Design Crush

William Betts-3-Design Crush

William Betts-4-Design Crush

William Betts-5-Design Crush

(via The Jealous Curator)


Incense Burner No. 1 Corian

Incense Burner No. 1-Design Crush

I love every piece in the small collection offered by Lonewa, a modern home furnishings and accessories company from Louisiana. Everything is multifunctional and well thought out, yet classical and meant to be enjoyed for years to come. My favorite is the Incense Burner No. 1 Corian. It’s their newest version of the standard Burner No. 1, made with with powder coated aluminum, solid copper or solid brass cubes, and corian and can hold either incense sticks or cones.


Dreamy Daybeds

Emily Henderson-Design Crush
Emily Henderson

Around the age of 10 I wanted anything in my bedroom other than the twin canopy that had been handed down to me. I had my sophisticated eye set on a white metal framed daybed, you know the kind with the gold finial balls on each post? In other words, the cheap one. My grandparents had offered to buy me a daybed, just not That One. Off to the furniture store we went, eventually settling on a real beauty – cherry wood, scrolled head- and footboards, spindled back. After I moved off to college the day bed was retired to my Grandma’s spare bedroom, where it still sits in wait for me to one day (hopefully) hand down to my own daughter. All of this is the longwinded way of saying how thrilled I am that daybeds are having a moment again!


boho daybed frame-Design Crush
Boho Daybed Frame


Maxime Daybed-Design Crush
Maxime Daybed


Fantastic Frank-Design Crush
Fantastic Frank


mid-century daybed-Design Crush
Mid-Century Daybed


Jenny Lind Daybed-Design Crush
Jenny Lind Daybed


Pari Rattan Daybed-Design Crush
Pari Rattan Daybed


Peter Kragballe-Design Crush
Peter Kragballe


Kris Knight

Kris Knight-1-Design Crush


I had never really considered how many artists focus on females until I came across the paintings of Kris Knight, the male form is the subject of his work. His exploration in oils are ambiguous and intimate in one fell swoop, never directly addressing the viewer.


Kris Knight-2-Design Crush

Kris Knight-3-Design Crush

Kris Knight-4-Design Crush

Kris Knight-5-Design Crush

Kris Knight-6-Design Crush