32 Pieces of Flair

Do you think it’s a coincidence that enamel pins (AKA flair) are coming back around at the same time as jean jackets? I hope not, because I just picked myself up a new jacket last month and plan on grabbing several of these fun, quippy pieces to help deck it out in my own brand of style!


ROW 1: California Dreamin’ Pin // French Press Pin
ROW 2: Avocado Pin // Feminist Enamel Lapel Pin // Ouija Board Enamel Pin
ROW 3: Ticket Pin // Tiny Tooth Pin // CMYK Enamel Pin Badge
ROW 4: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pin // Best Babes Enamel Pin Set // In Cats We Trust Enamel Lapel Pin



ROW 5: Lucky Blue Eye Enamel Pin // Donut Enamel Pin // Manicured Hand Enamel Pin
ROW 6:  Watermelon Wedge Enamel Pin // Lips Pin // Larry Pin
ROW 7: Fingers Crossed Pin // Grapefruit Pin // BFF Lapel Pin
ROW 8: Net Neutrality Enamel Pin // People to Kill Lapel Pin // Introvert Enamel Pin



ROW 9: Don’t Be a Dick Badge // Stay Hungry Cheeseburger Enamel Pin // I’ll Break Your Heart Brooch
ROW 10: Nap Queen Circle Brooch // Future Famous Brooch // No Likes Pin
ROW 11: No Time For Anything Lapel Pin // Thank You Lapel Pin // Sure, I Like Fun Pin


Barbara Kyne

Barbara Kyne-1-Design Crush


I believe that sometimes there is more beauty in a blurry photograph than in one that is crisp and flawless. It seems Barbara Kyne believes the same. Her At the Museum series explores how it feels to be engaged with art aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally while By Fire captures what it’s like to spend an evening around a bonfire to a tee.


Barbara Kyne-2-Design Crush

Barbara Kyne-3-Design Crush

Barbara Kyne-4-Design Crush

Barbara Kyne-5-Design Crush


Pittsburgh Brew Tour: Part 1

Pittsburgh has an impressive craft beer scene that I’ve been anxious to check out this summer. There are easily fifteen breweries that I wanted to check out, but that number seemed a little too ambitious for a weekend tour. Instead I chose the six that friends recommended most highly, picked up my friend Martin, and took off for a full day of beer sampling that I hoped wouldn’t get the best of me…


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-1-Design Crush


190 Castle Shannon Blvd  Pittsburgh PA 15228

The first stop was Hitchhiker Brewing Co., where I was immediately impressed by the huge open window looking out over the sidewalk. Their craft beers are brewed right on site with up to ten on tap at any given time. (They also have a focus on creating a low environmental impact.) The interior of the brew pub has a great industrial feel with plenty of wood and metal, and I couldn’t help but comment that if I were to design a taproom it wouldn’t be far off.

Martin and I tried a flight of three handcrafted beers, we had to pace ourselves after all. The Wheatmill was my favorite with Tumbleweed and The Barbarian in second and third. Since our tour I’ve been back to try even more brews and check out their secluded patio area out back.


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-2-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-3-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-4-Design Crush


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-5-Design Crush


512 Braddock Ave.  Braddock, PA 15104

Across town The Brew Gentlemen was waiting for us (along with the gyro truck in the parking lot). A successful Kickstarter campaign is behind this small brewery and taproom that focuses on combining classical brewing and the culinary world. Most of their brews seem more complex than their peers, we tried both chai- and cucumber-inspired beers and I really enjoyed both. The space itself used to be an electrical supply store and now has a modern industrial feel to it with lots of wood and stainless steel. Walk around the corner from the bar and you can look down through a set of large windows to the brewery itself.


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-6-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-7-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-8-Design Crush


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-9-Design Crush


1932 Lincoln Highway  North Versailles, PA 15137

Full Pint was the only brewery I’d tried before the tour, Martin had some White Lightning at his house one day. I really liked it, so had high hopes for their other brews. This stop was most like breweries I’d visited on the west coast, basically a set of huge converted garages in an industrial park – taproom on one side and brewery on the other. Lots of bright colors with the logos of each beer painted on the walls. We sampled a healthy six styles with the highpoint being that I got to try my first sour! I wasn’t sure what to expect but absolutely loved it and have been actively seeking them out ever since.


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-10-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-11-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-12-Design Crush


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-12-Design Crush


300 39th Street  Pittsburgh, PA 15201

The branded fence along the perimeter of Arsenal‘s outdoor cider garden couldn’t act as a better advertisement. I’d driven by countless times before our tour, but once I walked around the the other side wanted to kick myself for waiting so long. The day we visited there was amazing live music and a smokehouse truck, so we walked around the corner to the actual brick and mortar located in an old row house to grab some cider and then lounged for a bit. (Then we spent awhile wondering why we hadn’t bought a growler… oh yeah, because we still had two more places to check out!) I could imagine wasting an entire weekend here, no problem,


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-13-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-14-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-15-Design Crush


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-16-Design Crush


4901 Butler Street  Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Roundabout, while having my favorite overall selection of the day, is super small inside. It was also completely packed while we were there which didn’t allow for many photos. Picture it: a back wall bar with six brews on tap and three long tables with eight stools around each. About the width of that window in the photo above and twice as deep. I really liked that the table setup made you almost have to talk with your neighbors, the way a traditional beer garden works.


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-17-Design Crush


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-18-Design Crush


501 E Ohio Street  Millvale, PA 15209

We ended our day at Draii Laag, coincidentally the same day they opened their big and beautiful outdoor space. This brewery focuses on Belgian-inspired ales, some of my personal favorites, but they don’t conform to styles either. I tried the Goedenacht which could only be described as a cider-mead-farmhouse ale and it was delicious. There was even a German food truck pulled up in the parking lot, and had we not been so full of beer would have jumped at the chance to partake.


PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-19-Design Crush

PGH Brew Tour-Pt1-20-Design Crush

We’ll be reporting back with Part 2 as soon as we recover from Part 1!


Michelle Matson

Michelle Matson-1-Design Crush


If paper can be grotesque Michelle Matson knows how to make it so. Her life-size figures are partially nude, wearing only running shoes and sports bras. Each one is arranged in what can only be described as open yet aggressive, all the while managing to come across as hilarious. Color me impressed.


Michelle Matson-2-Design Crush

Michelle Matson-3-Design Crush

Michelle Matson-4-Design Crush

Michelle Matson-5-Design Crush


Babka 13 Ways

Have you ever tried babka? There are a few versions, but the one I most often see and prefer is the Jewish variety. This babka is made from a doubled and twisted length of yeast dough and is typically baked in a high loaf pan. The dough usually contains cinnamon and/or chocolate and is topped with streusel. All good things.














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Ira Svobodová

Ira Svobodová-1-Design Crush


Ira Svobodová‘s latest series – Papercut – is inspired by architecture and shows off her mastery of shadow and light. Svobodová paints layers of acrylic gels to create the incredibly pure, unmixed colors in each piece. All I know is that her work makes me want to run, not walk, to pick up my sketchbook and do some shading exercises!


Ira Svobodová-2-Design Crush

Ira Svobodová-3-Design Crush

Ira Svobodová-4-Design Crush

Ira Svobodová-5-Design Crush

( via Trendland)


Aelfie Rugs

Aelfie-1-Design Crush


A good graphic rug can really pull a room together, whether as the focal point or as the common denominator of color. Aelfie has knocked it way out of the park with their collection of geometric floor coverings that are blowing up with color and shape.


Aelfie-2-Design Crush

Aelfie-3-Design Crush

Aelfie-4-Design Crush

(via bltd)


Sarah Ball

Sarah Ball-1-Design Crush


My family is full of immigration history, mainly from eastern Europe. Serbia on my Mom’s side and Russia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Scotland on my Dad’s. I think that’s why Sarah Ball‘s Immigrants resonated so deeply after I first saw these paintings. Each tells their own story without words, and I very badly wish they could open their mouths and speak.


Sarah Ball-2-Design Crush

Sarah Ball-3-Design Crush

Sarah Ball-4-Design Crush

Sarah Ball-5-Design Crush


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

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SPACES miniaturizes iconic buildings and recreates them in cement.



SPACES-1-Design Crush


Miniatures of just about anything hold intrigue, but miniatures of iconic buildings of the last century cast entirely in concrete are another story. Material Immaterial Studio has created a series celebrating concrete’s beauty and contribution to architecture as a material entitled SPACES and it’s just stunning.


SPACES-2-Design Crush

SPACES-3-Design Crush

SPACES-4-Design Crush

SPACES-5-Design Crush

(via Design Milk)