Kinto-1-Design Crush


Kinto has a fantastically put mission: Let your day be filled with what inspires you. Slow down, savor, and enrich your life with the things that just feel right in your hands. Their limited product line shows off a dedication to creativity and thoughtfulness that would be at home in any space.


Kinto-2-Design Crush

Kinto-3-Design Crush

Kinto-4-Design Crush

Kinto-5-Design Crush


Melissa Castrillon

Melissa Castrillon-1-Design Crush


So many of illustrators I’m drawn to are based out of England, and today Melissa Castrillon joins their ranks. Each of her works tells a story, communicating through color and shape just what Castrillon wants us to walk away with, aside from looking at another pretty picture. Be sure and check out her shop if you’d like something of hers to be yours.


Melissa Castrillon-2-Design Crush

Melissa Castrillon-3-Design Crush

Melissa Castrillon-4-Design Crush

Melissa Castrillon-5-Design Crush


Guerrero Wedge

Guerrero Wedge-1-Design Crush


The Guerrero Wedge is an age old solution with a modern look. The sleek geometric shape and vibrant colors are just the solution I need for all of the wonky doors in my old home. Bonus: it’ll look just as good as a paperweight or objet on a shelf.


Guerrero Wedge-2-Design Crush

Guerrero Wedge-3-Design Crush


Justyn Hegreberg

Justyn Hegreberg-1-Design Crush


Make it work is Portland-based artist Justyn Hegreberg‘s mantra. In fact, his only self-imposed rule is to never throw away something once he’s begun working on it. And it seems to show through in his work in a lovely way because Hegreberg has a fast and loose style.


Justyn Hegreberg-2-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-3-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-4-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-5-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-6-Design Crush

Justyn Hegreberg-7-Design Crush


Little Korboose

Little Korboose-1-Design Crush


Little Korboose, the name a nod to modern architect Le Corbusier, is helmed by April Nemeth. The line draws on modern, minimalist design traditions, with a distinctively playful twist. My favorite pieces are dish towels, but be sure and check out the fun kid’s line as well.


Little Korboose-2-Design Crush

Little Korboose-3-Design Crush

Little Korboose-4-Design Crush

Little Korboose-5-Design Crush


Write It All Down

January and February always leave me scrambling to write down all of the ideas and plans running rampant in my head for the coming year. Not in my phone or in an email draft, but by actually putting pen to paper. Making these thoughts tangible seems to make them more attainable, and I’m not about to mess with that kind of magic!



ROW 1: Apica Notebooks // Backpack Notebook Set    ROW 2: Cortazar Journal // Hay Spine Clipboard // Keep Ya Head Up Notebook    ROW 3: Letter Notebook // Livro Notebook // Mystic Dye Notebook    ROW 4: Pale Blue Notebook Collection // Tab Notebooks // The Holi


Grace Helmer

Grace Helmer-1-Design Crush


Sometimes an artist just gets it and is able to convey the essence of their story in a glance. Grace Helmer is most definitely one of them. Her illustrations and oil paintings are both slice-of-life and humorous, particularly her Small Hours comic.


Grace Helmer-2-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-3-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-4-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-5-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-6-Design Crush

Grace Helmer-7-Design Crush



Jollypop-1-Design Crush


The most basic of candies – the lollipop – has been reimagined as a full on sensory experience thanks to Jollypop! Interesting shapes, textures, and flavors come together with natural colors to make a familiar thing brand new.


Jollypop-2-Design Crush

Jollypop-3-Design Crush

Jollypop-4-Design Crush

Jollypop-5-Design Crush

Jollypop-6-Design Crush

Jollypop-7-Design Crush


Reiko Kaneko

Reiko Kaneko-1-Design Crush


I have a few lovely glazed pieces in my home, but recently I’ve found myself drawn to the look even more. Reiko Kaneko designs fine bone china in elegant, functional shapes; glassware and terracotta that is beautifully thin and light; and pure white china dipped in rich glazes. And I love that there’s constant experimentation in the studio with new reactive glazes!


Reiko Kaneko-2-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-3-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-4-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-5-Design Crush

Reiko Kaneko-6-Design Crush