Future Glory Co.

Future Glory-1-Design Crush


When a bag can be your only accessory you know you’ve hit on something extra good. Future Glory Co. is a San Francisco-based shop that designs and handcrafts structural bags and accessories that support social causes. But my favorite aspect is that the leather is a by-product of the food industry, and all remaining scraps are donated to non-profits or schools.


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Future Glory-4-Design Crush

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Karmen Ayvazyan

Karmen Ayvazyan-1-Design Crush


I don’t know a ton about Karmen Ayvazyan‘s backstory, but I love the outcome of everything she puts into her work. Her Hair series feeds right into my love of any and all art that includes the stuff.


Karmen Ayvazyan-2-Design Crush

Karmen Ayvazyan-3-Design Crush

Karmen Ayvazyan-4-Design Crush


Mineral Workshop

Mineral Workshop-1-Design Crush


Paintings? Kind of, but more specifically hand-dyed paintingsMineral Workshop, aka Carry Crawford, creates these uber relaxing pieces in Fairfax, California. She uses the shibori technique, using natural indigo and other plant-based dyes that she makes right in her studio. The result of her efforts feels serene and bold.


Mineral Workshop-2-Design Crush

Mineral Workshop-3-Design Crush

Mineral Workshop-4-Design Crush

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AH:OK-1-Design Crush


You’ve probably heard it said that writers should stick to telling of what they know, what they’ve lived. So really it only makes sense that clothing designers should create pieces they’d want to have in their own closets, no? AH/OK does just that, designing pieces that are clean, basic, and eclectically characterized by contemporary prints.


AH:OK-2-Design Crush

AH:OK-3-Design Crush

AH:OK-4-Design Crush

AH:OK-5-Design Crush

AH:OK-6-Design Crush


Juan Osorno

Juan Osorno-1-Design Crush


Columbian artist Juan Osorno‘s delicately illustrated pieces are something to behold. His studies are simultaneously exploratory and introspective. For more of Juan’s work and process check out his Instagram account.


Juan Osorno2-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-3-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-4-Design Crush

Juan Osorno-5-Design Crush

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Reinventing My Design Obsession + HP Spectre

HP Spectre-3-Design Crush


When it comes to technology I’m most definitely drawn to a certain aesthetic, one that overflows into every other realm of my life. Clean lines, modern look, and limited color palette. I always looks forward to what’s next from HP, our longstanding partner, like their recently released PC with incredible craftsmanship and style – the HP Spectre. The resulting technology is a form of reinvented obsession, and delivers a luxurious computing experience that should resonate with all design-minded folks. HP reimagined every element during the design process to ensure the best user experience as well as maximum performance. The end result is a PC that doesn’t compromise on style, function, or performance.


HP Spectre-4-Design Crush


The idea of reinventing obsession is nothing new to me, I do it on a daily basis both here on Design Crush and as a graphic designer. Each day and every project requires me to reevaluate, refocus, and bring my best creative self to the table. It’s not always easy but Spectre is a source of inspiration, in particular its modern color palette. I’ve found myself inexplicably drawn to shades similar to its high contrast matte aluminum body and glossy copper trim over the past few weeks in everything from design projects to my own home.


HP Spectre-6-Design Crush

HP Spectre-5-Design Crush

HP Spectre-7-Design Crush

HP Spectre-1-Design Crush

You may have also noticed that HP has debuted a sleek new logo, a modern take on the two letters consisting of little more than four slashes. When working on my bread and butter, logo and branding work, I tend to think minimally when starting work on a new brand. This redesign reminds me that in design simple is usually best. A rule of thumb that I live by is to take away, then take away some more until nothing is left but the necessities.


HP also collaborated with two world-renowned designers to create exclusive limited edition Spectres that highlight the intersection of art and technology. Dutch-born, London-based designer Tord Boontje created the HP Spectre by Tord Boontje that exhibits delicate, intricate, dreamlike patterns across the laptop. Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Jess Hannah created the HP Spectre by J. Hannah with opulent 18K gold. Both will be auctioned off for charity.

This post sponsored by HP Spectre as they #ReinventObsession. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Design Crush creating fresh content!


Giordanne Salley

Giordanne Salley-1-Design Crush


Summer vibes abound in Giordanne Salley‘s paintings. Flashlight battles, plenty of bare feet, and making out abound in the wooded lands she captures in paint. I want to go to there.


Giordanne Salley-2-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-3-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-4-Design Crush

Giordanne Salley-5-Design Crush


Peg Woodworking

Peg Woodworking-1-Design Crush


There’s a sweet woven bench in my entryway, but not near as sweet as these pieces by Peg Woodworking. Each piece is handmade in Brooklyn by Kate Casey using local and non-toxic lumber, natural oil sealants, and all natural cotton cord. A wooden or metal frame is anchors handwoven designs of geometric patterns that form the seat.


Peg Woodworking-2-Design Crush

Peg Woodworking-3-Design Crush

Peg Woodworking-4-Design Crush

Peg Woodworking-5-Design Crush


Nick Knight / Paint Explosions

Nick Knight-1-Design Crush


I’m in the best mood this week, and influential/visionary photographer Nick Knight‘s paint explosions capture how my guts are feeling. Destruction can be so captivatingly beautiful. Knight’s site SHOWstudio documents his creative processes from conception to completion – don’t you love a good behind the scenes?


Nick Knight-2-Design Crush

Nick Knight-3-Design Crush

Nick Knight-4-Design Crush