Memorial Day

%22Le Paradis D’Elaine%22 | Elaine Irwin by Francois Halard for Elle France 1996-Design Crush

“Le Paradis D’Elaine” | Elaine Irwin by Francois Halard for Elle France 1996


The unofficial start of summer! I’ll be taking the day to hang with friends while silently thanking all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country. I hope you have something fun planned and remember the reason for the day as well.



Sunnylife-1-Design Crush


I’ve seriously been waiting since last August to talk about Sunnylife. Everyone looks forward to summer – and lazy days, poolside parties, the great outdoors, and al fresco meals – and all the things that go along with it. The folks over at Sunnylife are basically summertime experts who stock their shelves with everything you need to take the season to 11. Pool floats, outdoor entertaining, games, towels, umbrellas, and more. Take a peek at a few of my favorites!


Sunnylife-2-Design Crush

Sunnylife-3-Design Crush

Sunnylife-4-Design Crush

Sunnylife-5-Design Crush


Dan Lam

Dan Lam-1-Design Crush


Want. To. Touch.

Dan Lam‘s sculptures are so otherworldly and organic that it’s difficult to not want to reach out and touch them with your own fingertips. The magic comes from polyurethane foam, resin, and acrylic on wood panel, but I think the real answer is Mars.


Dan Lam-2-Design Crush

Dan Lam-3-Design Crush

Dan Lam-4-Design Crush

Dan Lam-5-Design Crush

Dan Lam-6-Design Crush


Oslo Hanging Planters

Oslo Hanging Planters-1-Design Crush


I’ve just about exhausted every horizontal surface in my home, much of them hidden under a blanket of greenery. You know what that means – time to think vertically. These Oslo Hanging Planters come in three varied, yet complimentary, designs and would be such perfect little baskets to nestle extra plants in. I wouldn’t mind a few in my kitchen either to stash fruits and veggies.


Oslo Hanging Planters-2-Design Crush

Oslo Hanging Planters-3-Design Crush

Oslo Hanging Planters-4-Design Crush


Lorien Stern

Lorien Stern-1-Design Crush


Colorful, fun, and full of personality. Anyone who creates art with those descriptors most likely embodies them, and I think California artist Lorien Stern most definitely does. I’m partial to the colorful shark heads! Check out her shop here.


Lorien Stern-2-Design Crush

Lorien Stern-3-Design Crush

Lorien Stern-4-Design Crush

Lorien Stern-5-Design Crush


Flatbread 12 Ways

Flatbreads are perfect for just about every summer occasion I can think of.

Backyard get togethers? Check.
Candlelit dinner parties? Check.
Lazy movie marathons? Check.

See? I told you. So fire up the grill, prep your favorite toppings, and get creative. (Or check out these twelve recipes for a head start.)














Click on each image to go to the recipe.
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Margherita Morotti

Margherita Morotti-1-Design Crush


Italian illustrator Margherita Morotti works mainly with a mixture of indian ink, ecoline, gouache, and oil color when creating her powerful works of art. I can literally feel the angst and tension and everything else when looking at each piece.


Margherita Morotti-2-Design Crush

Margherita Morotti-3-Design Crush

Margherita Morotti-4-Design Crush

Margherita Morotti-5-Design Crush


Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer-1-Design Crush


I especially love when an artist gravitates towards one medium or material and runs with it in every possible direction. Case in point, Bekka Palmer‘s hand-sewn rope necklaces and embroidered film series.  Her necklaces are just about perfect for your summer wardrobe while the embroidered film is part of a larger project – 100 Days of Thread and Film.


Bekka Palmer-2-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-3-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-4-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-5-Design Crush

Bekka Palmer-6-Design Crush


Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas-1-Design Crush


Simplicity is underrated, and it would seem Valencia-based illustrator Sergio Membrillas would agree. Both his editorial pieces and posters are taken down to the bare minimum, letting our eyes decipher the simple shapes and bold colors for what they really are.


Sergio Membrillas-2-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-3-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-4-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-5-Design Crush

Sergio Membrillas-6-Design Crush


Suit Up


Triangle Top/High Bottom Set

Last week it hit me that Memorial Day Weekend, aka the Unofficial Start of Summer, was only a few weeks away and I needed a new swimsuit stat. I have a one-piece from last year tucked away in a drawer, but was never that in love with it and wanted something fresh. After a bit of searching I settled on a pair of black high-waisted bottoms and a floral printed long-line underwire bustier top. (A tip for busty girls: always try and buy swimwear according to your cup size.) Here are thirteen other favorites I came across during The Hunt.



The Anne Marie // Sangria Royal Bikini // Printed Swimsuit



Royal Splash Bikini // Plunging V Printed One-Piece Swimsuit // Faces Bikini



Ravens One Piece // Halter Bandeau Bikini // Halter One-Piece



Gamma One Piece // Driftwood Bikini // Antibes Maillot