Lovely Loafers


Sunstone Loafer

They’ve been creeping into our wardrobes for the last few fall/winter seasons, but I’m convinced this is truly the year of the loafer. From casual to preppy to modern and everything in between, this incredibly comfortable style of footwear is a great match for jeans, skirts, and dresses. And as temperatures continue to drop through the next few months lots of options will even pair nicely with tights. Are you hopping on the loafer bandwagon or are you already there?



Ali Perforated Loafer // Farrah Loafer // Month Flat Shoes



Mock Up Flat Shoes // Manhattan Pointed Flat Shoes // The Modern Loafer



Vionnet Loafers // Yara Loafer // Merit Loafer Slip Ons



Carima Flats // Minkie Loafers // Metallic Suede Loafers



Barkley Loafers // White Point Loafers // Manor Suede Loafers


Jane Lafarge Hamill

Jane Lafarge Hamill-1-Design Crush


Do you see what I see? Jane Lafarge Hamill‘s paintings investigate contemporary portraiture through swaths of partially mixed paint and suggested outlines of features.

While painting, I both remember and imagine interactions with people; from the real to the surreal, from the mundane to grand, with anyone from close friends to compelling historical figures; and then try to render them with an emotional flash to establish all the pieces together in a gestural present. In my most recent paintings, the subjects are more fugitive; they’re fleeting figures whose aesthetic roots lie more closely to a brain scan than a traditional profile. These new portraits depict an applied, but honestly felt, emotional space that exists between the memory of looking, being looked at, and going deeper to bring a rich interior life to the surface.


Jane Lafarge Hamill-2-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-3-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-4-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-5-Design Crush

Jane Lafarge Hamill-6-Design Crush


Perfectly Rumpled Beds

Perfectly Rumpled Beds-1-Design Crush

Photo Dust Jacket

There’s something completely self-gratifying about spying a trend that you’ve been part of for years, decades even. In this case, perfectly rumpled beds. I admit to making my bed every morning but I use that term loosely. Usually I simply make sure the pillows are at the head of the bed then throw the top sheet and duvet up over everything. Somehow at the end of the day that perfectly imperfect looks all the more welcoming.


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-9-Design Crush



Perfectly Rumpled Beds-2-Design Crush

Photo Robson Rak Architecture via Domaine


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-3-Design Crush

Urban Outfitters


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-4-Design Crush

The Fresh Exchange


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-5-Design Crush

Photo Olsson & Jensen via My Scandinavian Home


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-6-Design Crush

Photo Domino


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-7-Design Crush

Photo via Flex Inredning


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-8-Design Crush

Photo via Coco Lapine Design


Perfectly Rumpled Beds-10-Design Crush

mui ma*


Oren Haskins

Oren Haskins-1-Design Crush


I’m not sure Oren Haskins is creating any new work, these pieces are from 2013, but I’m still drawn to his confident portrayals of women. Chins pointed up, eyes gazing away with a playfully knowing smile on their lips, each one seems to have a secret she’s dying to share with you.


Oren Haskins-2-Design Crush

Oren Haskins-3-Design Crush

Oren Haskins-4-Design Crush

Oren Haskins-5-Design Crush


Shady Acres

Shady Acres-1-Design Crush


Back in August I had a chance to meet a few of the people behind Shady Acres, including the queen bee herself Ana Finkle. You know how passion shows? So much of that. Ana’s been preserving since early childhood and grew up on the land that is Shady Acres Organic Farm in upstate New York. A few years ago they organically certified the land and she received her Master Preserver Certification from Cornell University. All of Shady Acres’ jams, relishes, and chutneys are handcrafted in small batches of three to six jars, ensuring consistency and quality from the end product as well as the fruit and produce they pick right outside. They gave me a jar of black currant jam that I’ve been rationing, so it’s probably time I swung by their shop to pick up a new seasonal flavor – I’m eyeballing the caramel pear jam!


Shady Acres-2-Design Crush

Shady Acres-3-Design Crush

Shady Acres-4-Design Crush

Shady Acres-5-Design Crush


Print Edition: October


Married to the Sea by Clare Elsaesser // Cheeses of the World by Nane Press //
Vintage Cream Hydrangeas by Flora & Fauna-ist // Feather Study #9 by Barloga Studios //
Women by Modern Women



Fern by Brettisagirl // Flower Girl by Mouni Feddag // Last Bite by Violet Tinder //
Little Owl by Amy Hamilton // Mushroom & Fungus Classification by Idlewild Co.



Royal Tenenbaums 111 Archer Ave. by Familytree // Winter Feast by People I’ve Loved //
Santorini, Greece by Essi Kimpimäki Illustration // The Entire Universe Is Inside You
by Oh Mamma Mia // Tree Leaf & Gold Leaf by Anna Tovar


Happy Weekend

1-Design Crush

2-Design Crush

3-Design Crush

4-Design Crush

5-Design Crush

6-Design Crush

7-Design Crush

8-Design Crush

9-Design Crush

10-Design Crush

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