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New York-based fashion label Candamill is the creative collaboration of talented brother and sister Cindy and Christian Candamill. The dynamic line has just released their fall 2015 collection, and it’s full of gorgeously designed architectural pieces with standout details. Great angles, brass touches, and beautiful Italian leather are definitely a formula for success.


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Elnaz Nourizadeh

Elnaz Nourizadeh-1-Design Crush


Iran-born, Melbourne-living Elnaz Nourizadeh started working with clay and learning pottery when she was 17 years old. In 2008 she began her professional life as a potter in Tehran, then moved up and on to having her own studio upon arriving in Melbourne in 2013. Elnaz’s explorations in clay and candy colors are striking and functional, pulling the best from both the modern and ancient ceramics.


Elnaz Nourizadeh-2-Design Crush

Elnaz Nourizadeh-3-Design Crush

Elnaz Nourizadeh-4-Design Crush

Elnaz Nourizadeh-5-Design Crush

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Happy Weekend

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This week on Design Crush:
Alex Garant, aka The Queen of Double-Eyes, charmed us with her paintings.
Thinking about going back to school and back to the grind with these rad notebooks.
The studies in shadow and light from Kumi Yamashita are brilliant.
You can just fill up my kitchen with Kähler right this instant.
Horyon Lee captures powerful yet fetishized women in paint.
Try burgers 10 ways that are sure to be new.
Tiny portraits in unexpected mediums from Elvira Johanna Duives.
Looks like chambray is making a fashion comeback!
Gorgeous geometric murals from Trek Matthews.


Trek Matthews

Trek Matthews-1-Design Crush


Trek Matthews is a painter, illustrator, and maker from Milwaukee who’s currently based in Atlanta. His interior and exterior murals are full of perspective and geometric goodness, usually in lovely muted tones though he sometimes opts for bright boldness.


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Trek Matthews-4-Design Crush

Trek Matthews-5-Design Crush




Rachel Craven Textiles

Chambray a trend that I flirted with in the 90s in the form of a Canadian tuxedo – sleeveless button-up and cuffed jean shorts (I know you know.) – then never thought twice about again. Now with 90s influences showing up everywhere I turn it’s back on my radar. Last fall I purchased a greyish-blue button-down that I love, but now I’m toying with the idea of summer pieces. The material is just about as perfect as can be for high temps, light and breathable and dare I say it effortlessly chic.



Loft // Gap // Holding Horses



Gap // Merona // Dream Monstar



Sole Society // Whistles // Brooks Brothers


Burgers 10 Ways


Burgers, burgers, burgers.

My summer seems to be almost revolving around them. Cookouts at my mom and stepdad’s, hanging out with my dad and his girlfriend, and of course plenty of porch time with friends and paper plates balanced on laps. Now if I could only get in gear and have my propane tank refilled I could try these ten recipes that I’ve got bookmarked!











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Horyon Lee

Horyon Lee-1-Design Crush


Horyon Lee creates fetishized images revealed through lifted dresses and skirts. The women in the paintings, the objects of desire, are presented as exhibitionists who are confident in themselves and their femininity. The overlapping imagery creates a dynamic impression, as if Lee has caught them mid-act.


Horyon Lee-2-Design Crush

Horyon Lee-3-Design Crush

Horyon Lee-4-Design Crush

Horyon Lee-5-Design Crush



Kahler-1-Design Crush


Kähler was family-run for four generations, from the foundation of the Kähler workshop in 1893 until 1974 when the last generation left the company. Since then the company’s focus has been on following trends and adjusting to them, which they’re remarkably good at. I can’t get enough of their homewares and hope to add some to my own collection soon.


Kahler-2-Design Crush

Kahler-3-Design Crush

Kahler-4-Design Crush

Kahler-5-Design Crush


Kumi Yamashita

Kumi Yamashita-1-Design Crush


The study of shadow and light is one that is never-ending. Japan born, NYC dwelling Kumi Yamashita has made a career out of it through his sculptures. Each object or series of objects relies on a single light source, the result being comprised of the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow).


Kumi Yamashita-3-Design Crush

Kumi Yamashita-4-Design Crush

Kumi Yamashita-5-Design Crush

Kumi Yamashita-6-Design Crush

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