Katherine DeJarnette Babin is the brain behind DeJarnette. She creates striking pieces with carefully selected materials such as vintage glass beads, lockets and brooches, semi-precious stones, metals and textiles, many of which were found in her native city of New Orleans.

I’m especially in love with this The Highest Number necklace. Inspired from a childhood saying, “I love you the highest number in the universes,” this necklace features multi-sized brass digits and a tiny brass heart that delicately hangs separately on the left hand side. It can be mine for $82. 🙂

This unique chain necklace features a vintage medallion that reads, “Thou Shalt Not Make Unto Thee Any Graven Image.” This pendant is paired with a number two that hangs right above. Katherine had created an entire series out of the Ten Commandments, this is the only one that remains for sale.

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