Dollhouse Madness.

When I was a kid I wasn’t that into dolls – art and books were more for me. But these I would have loved. They’re both so clean and fun and a great way to bring out the inner architect in your child. Don’t laugh! I’ve managed to hang on to a sketchbook of house designs I drew up when I was 10.
Modular Contemporary Dollhouse.
Anna Pfeiffer, an architect, and Ulrike Rumpenhors, an artist, managed to create and entirely modular dollhouse. There are even choices involved: three different room sizes, 4 wall colors and a set of stairs. They also offer a Suitcase Kit – wooden box that comes with two small rooms, a medium size room, a salon and stairs. They also offer modern furniture for decorating as well as dolls to live there. You can pick up your own at Hase Weiss, a Berlin-based kids toy and furniture company. (Thanks, Nesting!)

Constantine Dollhouse.
Designer Jeanette Domeisen went a different route with her Constantine Dollhouse design. Slightly more simplistic, but equally imaginative. The houses are handmade with plywood and Unica wallpaper. You can even make special color requests. They’re up for grabs at Kidsmodern.

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