Business Card File.

Aside from a great business card portfolio (which I have yet to find) I think this card file would be a fantastic way to get the little guys organized and all in one place. I love the little letter dividers and tension rod that keeps everything snug. Another example of great design at work.

4 Comments on “Business Card File.”

  • Jane Flanagan

    Oooh clever. I still use my rolodex, but it’s a big bulky thing. Funny to think how cool they once were, now they’re like cell phones from the 80’s – unnecessarily cumbersome.

    01-28-08 » 11:48 pm »

  • d.Sharp

    Cute, is this for standard size? A lot of business cards are odd size or oversize.

    01-29-08 » 4:45 am »

  • Kelly

    yes, it is for standard size which poses a problem for unusually sized cards.

    01-29-08 » 3:04 pm »

  • At Home with Kim Vallee

    Thank Kelly. My husband asked me for something like that the other day. Now I have a source.

    01-29-08 » 4:01 pm »

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