Rice Krispie Deep Dish Pizza.

Rice Krispie treats happen to be one of my favorite childhood goodies. Thanks to Cakespy and Michael’s Kitchen in Miami I can share this recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry (or Strawberry) Rice Krispie Deep Dish Pizza. A sort of more grown-up, yet nostalgic, version of that yummy, gooey goodness.

2 Comments on “Rice Krispie Deep Dish Pizza.”

  • amber

    OMG. that looks so very tasty – who doesn’t love rice krispie treats, and this one is like a fancy version!

    01-28-08 » 8:27 pm »

  • Kelly

    i know! it’s like the couture version that i need to actually make for a get together sooner than later.

    01-29-08 » 3:03 pm »

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