Cheers Ring.

After the weekend I had I don’t have any business posting anything alcohol-related, but the Cheers ring is so darn smart. The perfect boyfriend or super-cool-girl-friend gift I’m thinking.

:: via roadside scholar

4 Comments on “Cheers Ring.”

  • Joanna Goddard

    haha, this made me laugh:)

    02-25-08 » 5:49 pm »

  • In(side) the Loop

    I love this!!! I have to remember this for my sister. She would proudly sport this gem.

    02-25-08 » 6:20 pm »

  • gigi

    hi kelly,

    don’t you just love the texture of this ring? for some reason i think it would come in handy when you are on a boat. i need to find someone who has one and then do some testing…

    thanks for the mention too! xo

    02-28-08 » 3:23 am »

  • Maggie

    This would be an improvement over my husband using his regular ring to open beer bottles! 😉

    02-29-08 » 4:22 pm »

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