Andrew Bannecker.

Oh Andrew Bannecker, how I love thy work! Bannecker creates beautiful art that captures the imagination and tells a story. He’s worked with clients such as The Land of Nod and Starbucks. I’ve also seen his work in countless magazines as the accompanying illustrations to main articles. I love this man’s style.

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  • andrea

    these are great!!

    02-26-08 » 4:22 am »

  • Melissa Lewis

    Oh wow, I must have been under a rock because I don’t understand how I couldn’t have heard about Andrew Bannecker. I love his artwork, especially “the joy of giving.” Thank you for introducing me to his work.

    BTW – This is my first time to your blog, and I think I am hooked. Can’t wait for more!

    02-26-08 » 5:49 am »

  • karey m.

    nice words about you on mackin ink! hope you enjoy…

    02-26-08 » 1:04 pm »

  • Joslyn

    awesome…totally worthy crush

    02-26-08 » 5:46 pm »

  • mikelite

    that last piece is stunning

    02-27-08 » 4:51 am »

  • orange you lucky!

    These are awesome prints! I’m glad I found your blog!

    03-09-08 » 5:51 pm »

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