The Daily Eat: Batter Fried Apple Rings.

Batter Fried Apple Rings.

Apples = Fruit = Healthy. And don’t try and tell me otherwise!

:: recipe and image via Cafe Chocolada

3 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Batter Fried Apple Rings.”

  • -april

    Those look absolutely delectable! As in…eat five of them and nap on the couch

    04-01-08 » 12:52 am »

  • karey m.

    consider this. if i indulged in every one of your daily eats…

    i would be one happy {albeit chubba lubba} girl.

    04-01-08 » 4:19 am »

  • People St.Clair


    04-01-08 » 1:13 pm »

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