The Daily Eat: Vanilla Sugar Sweet Buns.

I hate feeling munchy, but that’s exactly the kind of day it is. And as good as these Vanilla Sugar Sweet Buns look, I’m glad they aren’t in front of me because they wouldn’t stand a chance!

:: photo and recipe via The Knead for Bread

5 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Vanilla Sugar Sweet Buns.”

  • Diana @ please sir

    Your food posts are always so yummy – thanks!

    04-24-08 » 5:39 pm »

  • Jessica

    well this looks simply divine.

    04-24-08 » 8:25 pm »

  • People St.Clair

    how yummy is this, I would have to eat the whole thing. Love the daily eat!

    04-24-08 » 10:27 pm »

  • Jane Flanagan


    04-24-08 » 11:34 pm »

  • joker

    Kelly, seriously consider dressing up as a sexy devil chef for Halloween… it would go perfect with the delicious torture we so joyously endure with this decadent blog 😀 thanks… but man, now I’m hungry and munchy and thirsty all in one lol.

    04-29-08 » 1:52 pm »

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