The Daily Eat: Banana Muffin Bread.

I make a mean banana chocolate chip pancake, so this Banana Muffin Bread looks right up my alley. I love that it’s not supposed to be too sweet and that there are chocolate chunks hanging out in there as an added bonus!

:: recipe and photo via The Food Traveller

6 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Banana Muffin Bread.”

  • Kelly

    are you aware that these posts are going to give me a gut as big as Texas? I hope you’re prepared to face yourself every morning knowing that you forced some poor, helpless girl into mumus and oversized mickey T-shirts.

    04-25-08 » 10:23 pm »

  • stacy

    This sounds delicious with a cup of coffee.

    04-25-08 » 10:38 pm »

  • jozette


    04-26-08 » 5:28 pm »

  • laissezfaire

    looks yummy!

    04-28-08 » 2:39 am »

  • michelle {lovely.little.things}

    Mmm…my mouth is watering already!

    04-28-08 » 4:27 pm »

  • The Food Traveller

    Sorry folk … we ate it all 😉


    05-15-08 » 5:15 pm »

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