Hang In There.

I’m covered up with web design this week. So please, lovely readers, hang in there for me! I haven’t forgotten about you.

:: photo via fffound

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  • Jennifer Ramos


    Jen Ramos
    ‘100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More’

    04-28-08 » 11:45 pm »

  • joker

    Hmmm some captions seem appropriate.

    • Jessie and Joey made Timmy’s wish for doing something different come true when they applied the Perpendicular Wedgie Torpedo on him.

    • Finally… a situation where it would be beneficial to have stunted testicular growth.

    • Timmy’s favorite show was Superman, his favorite book was Peter Pan… sometimes you have to love how life imitates fiction.

    04-29-08 » 2:11 pm »

  • Marilyn

    This photo is adorable!

    04-29-08 » 2:44 pm »

  • stacy

    I’m laughing. This made my morning.

    04-29-08 » 5:38 pm »

  • amy korngiebel

    hahaha! i’m glad we didn’t have a clothes line in my home growing up. my brother would have hung me on it for sure. he did actually put me in the dryer and turn it on!

    05-01-08 » 4:20 pm »

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