Porcelain Fortune Cookies.

Since I consider myself somewhat of a fortune cookie aficionado, these porcelain versions of the crispy treat caught my eye. They’d look great piled in a bowl as a centerpiece or as place-card holders. Just don’t try to crack one open because there aren’t any actual fortunes inside!

4 Comments on “Porcelain Fortune Cookies.”

  • Jane Flanagan

    I love them, but your link doesn’t work! Pray tell, where are they from?!

    04-28-08 » 10:03 pm »

  • gigi

    those are awesome. great find!

    04-29-08 » 1:31 am »

  • karey m.

    stunning. i can just feel ’em in my hands…

    04-29-08 » 8:07 pm »

  • Jane Flanagan

    Thanks Kelly :)

    04-29-08 » 8:28 pm »

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