The Daily Eat: Creamy Key Lime Pie.

I’m not a pie lover with the exception of Key Lime Pie. There’s just something about the tart/sweet combination and that strong citrusy lime flavor topped with freshly whipped cream that does it for me. All I know is that I’ve never met even a one I didn’t like and that it screams Summer! to me which is really fitting for this Memorial Day weekend.

:: photo and recipe via Cafe Johnsonia

8 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Creamy Key Lime Pie.”

  • Kristin

    YUM! A tart, refreshing key lime pie… hello summer!

    05-23-08 » 4:56 pm »

  • Diana Coronado

    Creammy !!
    Ahhh yummie yummiee !!

    05-23-08 » 6:32 pm »

  • alyson.

    oh I just made a Key Lime pie this week. I neglected to take a good picture of it though, so I decided to make another one to post on the food blog. :) this recipe looks great with cream cheese!

    05-23-08 » 10:30 pm »

  • Alya

    anything with the word ‘cream’ is good enough for me!

    05-25-08 » 6:17 pm »

  • Cafe Johnsonia

    Glad you liked it! I have a bag of key limes in my fridge and I’m wanting to make it again.

    Great blog you have here, too!

    05-26-08 » 10:51 am »

  • Joslyn

    this looks great…key lime pie is my fave. hands down.

    05-27-08 » 7:32 pm »

  • Kelly

    so happy to see i’m not the only one with a weakness for this!

    05-29-08 » 2:05 pm »

  • Joker

    Looks delishhhhhhhhh but one thing…. umm Alya…. care to revise your comment? Drained and creatively repressed minds are at work. :)

    06-10-08 » 11:17 pm »

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