Monday Goodness: Strugglin’.

Time to pay for those lovely three days off by getting back to work. And working late for the next few days just to make up for yesterday’s freedom. Posting might be a little lighter than usual, but hang in there because I promise to be back to your regularly scheduled blogging as soon as work permits.

PS: Everything worked out and as of July 9th I’ll be an official homeowner! I can’t decide whether to shout with joy or throw up now…

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10 Comments on “Monday Goodness: Strugglin’.”

  • Saucy

    Best photo on a post, hands-down, ever. Milk shots!! Ha.

    05-27-08 » 2:34 pm »

  • Jane Flanagan

    Yay! Congrats… can’t wait to see pics of the new abode.

    05-27-08 » 2:39 pm »

  • Wow, that was awkward

    So this is where ‘losing one’s cookies’ comes from!

    05-27-08 » 5:16 pm »

  • gigi

    congratulations on the house! and don’t worry if you get nauseous about it — chocolate will help.

    05-28-08 » 3:40 am »

  • Joanna Goddard

    what a cute photo. also, congrats on homeowning!!!!

    05-28-08 » 5:21 pm »

  • Kelly

    thanks, ladies.

    i’m excited for the decorating process to begin!!

    05-29-08 » 2:04 pm »

  • d.Sharp

    Congratulations! That is wonderful – do we get to see pics?? please, please!

    05-30-08 » 5:06 pm »

  • Kelly

    i’ll keep everyone updated during the entire process, but you won’t get to see anything until i’ve moved and decorated. :)

    05-30-08 » 5:07 pm »

  • Abbey Goes Design Scouting

    Major congrats on the house and YES, pictures please…. but we like “before” pictures!

    06-07-08 » 1:38 pm »

  • Michelle

    I’m just catching up on all my blogland reading…congratulations! And definitely show those “before” pictures!

    06-08-08 » 6:08 am »

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