Studio Mela.

I’m silly. Silly because I’ve seen this Break the Routine print just about everywhere but my own living room and paid no attention to where it came from. Of course that would be Studio Mela which I’m now absolutely head over heels for.

6 Comments on “Studio Mela.”

  • karey m.

    have such a soft spot for these prints of hers…

    05-28-08 » 5:58 pm »

  • karen c

    oh these are lovely…that whisk print needs to be in my kitchen!

    05-28-08 » 6:55 pm »

  • Amber

    I just love that top one – words we should all try to live by!

    05-28-08 » 10:10 pm »

  • Heather

    The bird one made me laugh out loud! “Bird” could easily be swapped out for “Heather” in place. lol

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    06-02-08 » 8:28 pm »

  • Kelly

    glad you ladies love these as much as i do!


    06-03-08 » 3:38 pm »

  • Joker

    I want a french fry to be happy :)

    06-10-08 » 11:19 pm »

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