Mr. Fizz.

Love the aerodynamic chrome design of this Mr. Fizz seltzer bottle! I don’t own one, but I’d love to make the addition to my “bar” at some point. A lot of what I see are vintage pieces that don’t function any longer, so a seltzer bottle that works would be a bonus!

2 Comments on “Mr. Fizz.”

  • Jane Flanagan

    Very slick. I love the rounded bottom – makes it look like a designer fire-extinguisher…

    06-25-08 » 6:02 pm »

  • Easy and Elegant Life

    I miss my seltzer bottle. It had a mesh outside and was quite hefty. Just the thing for a stylish bar. A word of warning, you have at least one friend who will manage to start a water fight after a few cocktails.

    07-02-08 » 4:49 pm »

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