Cassette From My Ex.

Cassettes From My Ex is a brilliant idea.

They were into you, so they made you a tape. Today you don’t have a cassette player, but you still can’t toss that mix. We share the stories and the soundtrack to your earliest loves.

The stories are really well written and I spent a good thirty minutes yesterday afternoon being sucked into others’ pasts. Slightly voyeuristic, but who doesn’t love that?? And I love seeing the song lists and connecting my own memories to certain tunes.

3 Comments on “Cassette From My Ex.”

  • Joker

    I made a tape for my gf…. 90 minutes worth… of me and my guitar. that counts for something I hope :)

    06-26-08 » 6:19 pm »

  • coco+kelley

    is it horrible that i still have a mixed tape from my high school boyfriend in my car? it has nothing to do with him so much as he picked out some really good tunes… i’m going to have to check this out!

    06-27-08 » 4:26 pm »

  • being brazen

    thats awesome. Im a big fan of the mix tape /cd :)

    07-01-08 » 9:12 am »

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