Dearest Friend.

Genius. I love it. And my fingers are cross that I don’t ever eat an entire pan of brownies and feel obligated to send it myself!

:: via design is mine

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  • design for mankind.

    HHAHAHHAHH this is like a weekly confession of mine. Love it. 😉

    07-01-08 » 12:34 am »

  • Petunia Face

    I love this sign and it made me remember a time when my husband ate an entire pan of brownies. Um, pot brownies. I posted about it over on my blog :)

    07-01-08 » 1:13 am »

  • The Lil Bee

    Um, yeah. I can relate.

    Consumed in the last 48 hours (desserts alone)=
    One pint of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra
    One Pepperidge Farm oatmeal raisin cookie
    One bowl of vanilla Haagen Dazs fro yo.

    It’s baaaad.

    07-01-08 » 3:46 am »

  • Kelly

    you girls are the best! let me just say there’s been some strawberry shortcake involved…


    07-01-08 » 2:13 pm »

  • Kristin

    that is perfect! love it!

    07-01-08 » 6:39 pm »

  • d.Sharp

    The reason I don’t make brownies {ever!} – Oh, that cut I made looks a little crooked, I need to even that out {gobble}, oops, more crooked {gobble}.

    07-01-08 » 10:34 pm »

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