My Clients.

This is how they’re making me feel today. Yeah, I’m the chick on the ground being choked with that lady’s leg. Grrr. At least I have a cool bustier bodysuit on.

:: image via ffffound

3 Comments on “My Clients.”

  • Kati

    You crack me up. I am bookmarking this to give me a good pick up when I am under pressure at work.

    08-27-08 » 8:52 pm »

  • RachelShingleton

    This totally made me laugh out loud and scare the baby. Isn’t this so how it is sometimes?

    08-28-08 » 2:45 pm »

  • hilada

    I understand you perfectly!!…I feel like them too.. and I just want to be an artist!
    I love your blog!!

    10-08-08 » 10:18 am »

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