Sunny Side Up.

Forgive me if I seem a little out of it. A little flighty or flakey. A little “Did I put on deodorant today?” This week is leaving me with a mental meltdown, a fried egg for a brain. And it’s showing itself off in all other aspects of my life. Only one more day to go, but until then there’s this…

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  • alyson.



    08-28-08 » 8:39 pm »

  • Kelly

    HA! literally seconds before I scrolled down in my reader to this post, I thought to myself “wait, did I put deodorant on today?” and assured myself that I had

    08-28-08 » 8:52 pm »

  • Lovebird

    I am having the same kind of week myself.

    08-29-08 » 1:26 am »

  • Kelly

    unfortunately, i have the dreaded feeling that this week is going to bring more of the same – even after a three day weekend! grrrr.


    09-02-08 » 3:17 pm »

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