Rotating Outlet.

Just as I was starting to write this post I realized I’ve developed a sort of fascination with electrical outlets. No, not in a “Wonder what will happen if I just stick this fork…” sort of way. More of a sick obsession with their functionality. My latest? This rotating outlet. Perfect for when you need to plug your hairdryer and cell charger (or anything else with two of those big ‘ol boxy plugs) into the same place at the same time.

8 Comments on “Rotating Outlet.”

  • Courtney

    these are genius!

    10-07-08 » 4:50 pm »

  • please sir

    Ok, that is awesome!! What a neat idea!

    10-07-08 » 5:02 pm »

  • With a Flourish

    So smart!

    10-07-08 » 7:56 pm »

  • Little House on Green

    Those are brilliant! I want them in my house.

    10-07-08 » 8:01 pm »

  • Kati

    Ah! About time. Hairdryer vs flat iron conflicts shall cease!

    10-07-08 » 8:19 pm »

  • Emily

    haha Kati totally beat me to the punch. so funny how just a few minutes of waiting for my flat iron after blow drying my hair can feel like an eternity.

    10-07-08 » 9:13 pm »

  • People St.Clair

    Genius, I definitely need these in house.

    10-08-08 » 5:47 pm »

  • Mrs. Priss

    Oh that is so awesome and smart! And Kati’s right, it’s about flippin time!

    10-08-08 » 10:31 pm »

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