Happy {Halloween} Weekend.

I’ll never turn down a weekend but I haven’t been this happy to see one show up in quite some time. Work has been a bit quite hellish this past week and I’m ready to relax and let loose! Not to mention Halloween being my favorite holiday and getting to play dress-up.

This Weekend:
• Halloween party at K’s
• handing out candy to trick or treaters
• watch the OU/Nebraska game
• laundry!!!
• groceries
• work on Christmas gift projects

Happy Halloween!
Happy Weekend!

:: photo via ffffound

6 Comments on “Happy {Halloween} Weekend.”

  • Joetta

    I feel like everyone has had a “hellish” week at work.
    Good thing all the devils and ghosts we see this weekend will be the fun kind:)

    10-31-08 » 9:04 pm »

  • danielle

    Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!

    10-31-08 » 9:21 pm »

  • Ana

    What are you going to dress up as? Do share!

    10-31-08 » 11:36 pm »


    have a good one!

    11-01-08 » 8:00 am »

  • A Touch of Happiness

    Yah for the weekend – they always seem to go too fast though. What are your Christmas gift projects? I’m thinking of ideas at the moment.

    11-02-08 » 8:00 am »

  • ms. lee of the lemon drops

    just found your blog and i love it!

    i especially love this halloween picture!

    that’s sort of how i felt on halloween.

    i’m already sad it’s over. i still lit my pumpkins last night.

    11-02-08 » 5:44 pm »

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