Flying Wish Paper.

Thanksgiving is still a week away. Christmas further than that. And last of all New Years, which I’m apparently already thinking about! Flying Wish Paper would be so much fun to light and set off at midnight with your resolution or wish written on it! Shape your paper into a tube and place it on the provided platform, then light the top edge of the tube and watch it burn down. At the last moment your wish lifts off the platform and rises into the sky!

5 Comments on “Flying Wish Paper.”

  • You are my fave...

    How perfect. I love this.

    11-20-08 » 6:03 pm »

  • Courtney

    I love this idea and had never heard of these! Thanks for sharing!

    11-20-08 » 10:06 pm »

  • karey m.

    ok. getting these for us. and the tree below? so cool i’m thinking of it, too.

    not. a. good. day. {for my bank acct, that is!}


    11-21-08 » 3:48 pm »

  • julia

    Kelly, I’m the gal who created Flying Wish Paper and – as a one-woman-show – I really appreciate that you found me and featured my product on your site. This is clearly a good crowd to run with! Thank you – julia

    11-26-08 » 7:59 pm »

  • Kelly

    glad you all agree with me that Julia’s creation is


    12-03-08 » 5:22 pm »

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