Ornaments are the real stars of a Christmas tree, so why not show them off more on the PossibiliTree? Oh, and the simplicity and storage are lovely, too!

Twenty-five years ago, architect Richard Babcock had an idea: Rather than buying, hauling and disposing of a Christmas tree every year, why not create a tree his family could use year after year? The six-foot wooden tree he created back then is still used by his family today. The PossibiliTree shown here is a tabletop version, standing almost three feet tall, with branches that can be fanned out in various ways. The tree is easily assembled and disassembled. The pieces can be stored in the original packaging – a tube, similar to the ones used by architects to hold drawings.

3 Comments on “PossibiliTree.”

  • Summer

    great find, looks festive in a simple way

    11-20-08 » 5:53 pm »

  • Sara Christine

    Oh I love this. So gorgeous. And because it’s from DWR, so expensive!

    11-20-08 » 6:51 pm »

  • Sarah

    I see on their website that DWR has marked down the price!

    11-29-08 » 8:37 pm »

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