Melissa Joy Manning Metal.

I’m loving modern, yet natural style of Melissa Joy Manning’s jewelry. By using gold, silver, semi-precious and precious stones and found objects, her line blends traditional and modern beautifully. I’m a strictly silver jewelry sort of girl, but I could definitely make an exception for some of Manning’s yellow gold pieces. Just a few of my favorites…

5 Comments on “Melissa Joy Manning Metal.”

  • Tash

    I love these rings they are so cool. Found you at Marta.
    Great blog!

    11-21-08 » 3:22 pm »

  • The Lil Bee

    I love her stuff too!

    11-21-08 » 5:50 pm »

  • Grace

    Man, her stuff is fantastic. I especially like the stud earrings and the hammered gold rings. So rustic and simple.

    11-21-08 » 6:53 pm »

  • Sara Christine

    Oh I love the little triangle earrings. While I’m always envious of women who can wear statement jewelry, I’m usually a less is more type gal. Those earrings are just perfect.

    11-21-08 » 7:46 pm »

  • Kelly

    isn’t her work just the BEST?!


    12-03-08 » 5:19 pm »

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