The Daily Eat: Turkey Piccata.

Come on, admit it. You knew Turkey Week couldn’t be neglected. But forget the whole bird, we’re focusing on other tasty variations!

Chicken piccata is common enough, but Turkey PIccata? YUM!

:: recipe and photo via Love and Olive Oil

4 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Turkey Piccata.”

  • Uncle Beefy

    That may end up becoming my T-Day dinner for three! Sounds delicious, Kelly! YUM…is right!

    11-24-08 » 8:12 pm »

  • Mama Bj

    Of course! Lovely idea. I am going to have to try this. Thanks. Love your blog.

    11-24-08 » 10:15 pm »

  • Blair

    That looks delicious! What a great preparation idea.

    11-25-08 » 4:50 pm »

  • oneshotbeyond


    12-02-08 » 3:00 am »

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