The Daily Eat: Italian Turkey, Bean + Tomato Soup.

Italian Turkey, Bean and Tomato Soup that’s begging for your leftover turkey. This soup would be great to have ready after Black Friday shopping!

:: recipe and photo via The Kitchen Sink

2 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Italian Turkey, Bean + Tomato Soup.”

  • Megan

    yum that looks great! since we have thanksgiving at our house we are always looking for ways to use leftover turkey-this may be it! i haven’t yet decided if i want to venture out on black friday…

    11-26-08 » 5:11 pm »

  • Kelly

    i made it out shopping for 6 whole hours – and i have to admit it wasn’t nearly as bad as i’d expected. great deals, too!! did you make it out??


    12-03-08 » 5:10 pm »

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