Walking to Jericho.

I’m loving Walking to Jericho’s Etsy shop! Photographer Fiona has a knack for combining black and white photos with a smidge of hand-coloring. You can purchase sizes anywhere between 5 x 5″ to 30 x 30″ and yes, special requests are available.

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3 Comments on “Walking to Jericho.”

  • The Cherry Blog

    I love the Carousel one! Really pretty . xx

    01-26-09 » 10:35 pm »

  • Jenni has her head in the clouds

    I immediately bought one of these. They are delicious!

    01-27-09 » 8:03 am »

  • Kelly

    ooh yay! which one did you pick out, Jenni??


    01-30-09 » 10:19 pm »

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