Happy {Super Bowl} Weekend.

I have yet to get back into a normal schedule after the holiday madness. Yes, yes, you’re completely right – the holidays were over a month ago. I just can’t seem to make it all the way back into the swing of things regardless. Maybe I’ve just got a case of the Winter Blahs.

This Weekend:
• watch the OKC Thunder game tonight with C
• finish triptych for wall over bed
• laundry(!)
• mail Valentines
• Super Bowl party at B’s (Here we go Steelers!)
• pay speeding ticket (eek!)

Happy {Super Bowl} Weekend!

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5 Comments on “Happy {Super Bowl} Weekend.”

  • Jana Jaehnig

    GO CARDINALS! sorry i had to…here in arizona we’re still in shock that they’ve made it to the super bowl! :)

    01-30-09 » 9:35 pm »

  • Pink Heels

    That is hilarious…the holidays were a month ago. LOL You can come out of the holiday slumber whenever you are ready! There is no rush. : )

    01-31-09 » 12:30 am »

  • alexandra

    what a good fan, watching even the away games! i’ve been a silent stalker over here in california for a while, but i too, am a thunder fan. well, sonics, now thunder. :) they’re actually playing tonight in my neck of the woods, sacramento, so we’re going to the game. love your blog, and you truly find the best quotes! love it.

    01-31-09 » 3:50 pm »

  • danielle

    I have been in the same slump. I hope Spring gets here quickly. Have a fun weekend and go Steelers!

    01-31-09 » 6:26 pm »

  • The Cherry Blog

    I love your expression ‘winter blahs’!! Its so useful! (I got my forst ever speeding ticket a week ago too!) xx

    02-02-09 » 1:30 pm »

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