love is everywhere.

I’d love to have a photographic record of everyday re-occurrences in my life like Leslie Sophia Lindell does in her flickr set love is everywhere.

“It started with the collecting of heart shaped rocks at the beach. I decided to document some of them. Then it seemed hearts started to appear everywhere. The only rule I have set is for them to be naturally occurring and/or accidental to count”

Some of the pieces are available in her etsy shop for purchase!

:: via pecannoot

4 Comments on “love is everywhere.”

  • two brunettes

    Hi Kelly! These are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is soooo adorable!

    03-24-09 » 10:30 pm »

  • valerie

    love is everywhere. the potato chip is my favorite :)

    03-25-09 » 2:23 pm »

  • LeS

    thank you so much kelly! perhaps keep a little camera in your pocket and then you can grab some of your own, too. after all, they are everywhere :)

    03-25-09 » 3:42 pm »

  • Kelly


    I always try to plan on doing something like that and inevitably forget that I have it with me. For now I’ll live vicariously through yours!


    04-01-09 » 4:08 pm »

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