The Daily Eat: Beachy Green Pesto Pizza.

{recipe and photo via Healthy. Happy. Life.}

I’ve tried pesto on lots of things, but never pizza. And pizza seems sort of a like a no brainer match. Now my stomach is straight up growling at the sight of this Beachy Green Pesto Pizza!

2 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Beachy Green Pesto Pizza.”

  • {lovely little things}

    Pesto pizza is HUGE in Seattle, practically a staple, glad you are getting the opportunity to indulge.

    06-30-09 » 5:15 pm »

  • Morgan

    Holy crap that looks good! I want to lick the screen like it's a scratch n' sniff!

    06-30-09 » 9:47 pm »

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