Meet Piper.

Say hello to Piper, the newest member of the family! Roxy and Peanut are slooowly making the adjustment and accepting their canine sister. She’s a spunky little gal who’s extremely lovable and well-behaved. I couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks for all your help with names! I decided to stick with “Piper” for a few reasons. One, she answers to it. And two, that’s what I’d been calling her the entire time so she really had already become “Piper” already.

Today’s her first day in the crate at home while I’m at work. She’s already crate trained, but I’m still a little nervous. Crossing my fingers that she’ll still inside it when I get home after work!

10 Comments on “Meet Piper.”

  • The Lil Bee

    Congratulations!! She is such a little doll! And I think Piper is a great name:)

    07-30-09 » 3:28 pm »

  • jenX

    Hello, Piper. I must say, you have lovely eyes.

    07-30-09 » 3:52 pm »

  • Kelly

    she does, Jen! they're a gorgeous chocolately brown and always bright. :)


    07-30-09 » 3:54 pm »

  • Lyndsy

    Congrats on the new pup! Piper is darling!

    07-30-09 » 3:54 pm »

  • Caroline

    oh, congratulations! love that photo of her.

    07-30-09 » 4:13 pm »

  • Tom

    Hi Piper! Sit, girl, sit! ;O)

    07-30-09 » 6:26 pm »

  • Cance

    aaah! so cute 😀 gotta love the puppies. best wishes

    07-30-09 » 9:11 pm »

  • caroline duke

    PIPER!!! i love it! and she is soooo adorable. i am glad you found yourself a puppy.

    we should dog park date sometime!

    08-01-09 » 10:48 pm »

  • tracie @ {tsj} photography

    ah-ha! this is the post i missed! :)

    apparently the name piper = adorable girl … congrats!

    08-04-09 » 1:31 am »

  • stacy di

    what a sweetie! congratulations :)

    08-06-09 » 6:02 pm »

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