3 to See.

I’m sort of obsessed with this blog
about giving props to chicks who are awesome

Follow this amazing prop stylist and crafter
who also dabbles in cooking

Alyson covers fashion, design and inspirational finds
find her talents here, here and here, too

Check out past 3 to See posts here

3 Comments on “3 to See.”

  • Kate

    ah that's so funny I just wrote about the girl crush blog too! one of the girls is in my circle of friends but we've never actually met in person, funny enough.

    08-21-09 » 3:23 pm »

  • sweet paul

    Thank you for putting little old me on your list.

    08-23-09 » 11:35 am »

  • Andrea

    Thanks so much for linking to Got A Girl Crush! Your blog is adorable. SO adding to my Google Reader now :)

    08-24-09 » 10:09 pm »

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