On the Rocks: Martini 1812.

{cocktail recipe and photo via Eat. Drink. Think.}

Are you a martini drinker? If so, the Martini 1812 could potentially be your soul-cocktail.

Martini 1812
– 3 parts gin
– 1 part Carpano Antica vermouth
– 1 teaspoon maraschino liqueur
– Dash orange bitters
– Preserved amarena cherry for garnish

Fill cocktail mixer half full of ice. Add gin, vermouth, maraschino liqueur, and bitters. Stir to combine and chill. Drop cherry into martini glass and strain cocktail into it. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “On the Rocks: Martini 1812.”

  • Saucy Britches

    ooh, that does sound good… I miss martini night!

    08-27-09 » 2:07 am »

  • Tom

    Definitely shaken, not stirred, but that looks delicious!

    08-27-09 » 9:24 pm »

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