The Daily Eat: Grilled Cheese with Fresh Cherries + Cherry Roundup.

{recipe and photo via Every Day with Rachael Ray}

I have exactly two things to say about this scrumptious looking Grilled Cheese with Fresh Cherries recipe.

1. What an unlikely pair that I’m now dying to try.
2. I now really want to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with cherries for lunch!

1. Cherry Almond Cakes 2. Cherry Breakfast Cake
3. Rainer Cherry-Butterscotch Chip Crumb Cake 4. Cherry Cheesecake Tart
5. Cherry Coffee Cake 6. Cherry Crumble Bars 7. Cherry Milkshake
8. Fresh Cherry Sorbet 9. Cold Cherry Soup with Fresh Mint
10. Chocolate-Cherry Cream Puffs 11. Fresh Cherry Crisp
12. Oversized Cherry-Chocolate Soda Bread Muffins
13. Sour Cherry Almond Oatmeal Scones 14. Sweet Cherry Cobbler
15. Tart Red Cherry Granita

3 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Grilled Cheese with Fresh Cherries + Cherry Roundup.”

  • alyson.

    holy crap that looks amaazzing.

    08-28-09 » 9:00 pm »

  • rachel

    okay, these photos are such a tease.

    I'm going to go eat some grapes now and sulk.

    08-29-09 » 4:14 am »

  • Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

    That does look amazingly good. I adore jarlsberg and lingonberry on my toast… but I haven't tried (or thought of!) this lovely grilled soft cheese and cherry combo. Yummy, yummy!!

    08-30-09 » 11:43 pm »

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