Happy Weekend.


Have you been having an amazing first week of fall? I have. Here in Oklahoma we’re experiencing a lot of below average temperatures and I’m soaking up every moment! Not only did I break out the Halloween decorations (fine, that was last week), but some long sleeves, too. Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy this week’s Mad Props!

Download these pom pom printables for your next girl’s night in

I very badly want to throw a backyard fall soiree

Repurpose chip containers to make this rad organizer

No one’s perfect, not even cake decorators

I’d use this menu wheel for a dinner party

Soak up Mankind Mag’s last issue

Feather Report now jumps cities and has an app for your phone

How to spend Under $100: in the garden

Check out the Where the Wild Things Are pop-up shop

Head over heels for these velvet pumpkins

Make your own Starbucks-esque Pumpkin Spice Latte

Beautiful science-themed weddings

Make your own (healthier) fast food

Old-school Halloween party save-the-date printable

Fun + bright Cirque du Bebe shower suite to download

**NOTE: Don’t forget, you have until Monday at 9am CST to enter the Rachel Pfeffer giveaway to win her delicious honeycomb necklace!

6 Comments on “Happy Weekend.”

  • Tom

    Have a wonderful first weekend of the fall! Thanks for a week-long bevy of wonderful posts!

    09-25-09 » 6:56 pm »

  • missrantsypants

    I think of all the links, the Cake Wrecks link was my favorite.
    Some of those cakes had me laughing so hard! Thanks for the link!

    09-26-09 » 2:48 am »

  • Mademoiselle Frou-Frou

    lucky you for experiencing Fall…i'm in los angeles where it's 100 degrees still!!

    09-26-09 » 4:28 am »

  • vintage simple

    I think we're finally in for some fall-like weather where I am. Woot! I love it! And I love that photo – I'm completely captivated by it for some reason…

    09-28-09 » 12:04 pm »

  • Annabelle

    Hope you had a great weekend – awesome bunch of links – thanks so much for sharing :-) Love the pic too – so simple and cool.

    09-28-09 » 1:20 pm »

  • The Lil Bee

    Ah! Thank you for including Feather Report in your links!! I promise to include an outfit customized for Oklahoma on the blog:)

    PS I am mildly obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes.

    09-29-09 » 3:51 am »

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