The Daily Eat: Mocha Cake + Coffee Roundup.

{recipe and photo via Living Well… Eating Thin}

Is this Mocha Cake even possible? It’s an explosion of chocolately goodness that’s also low in sugar. Be still my heart!

1. Bailey’s Coffee Cream Crunch
2. Cappuccino Cheesecake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

3. Cappuccino Custard 4. Cappuccino Brownies 5. Chocolate Coffee Mousse Cake
6. Coffee and Chocolate 7. Coffee Cake 8. Coffee Cupcakes
Coffee Caramel Crème Mini Puffs 10. Espresso Slushie
11. Kahlua Brownies with Browned Butter Icing 12. Mocha Mousse Cups

3 Comments on “The Daily Eat: Mocha Cake + Coffee Roundup.”

  • Tom

    Be still my beating heart. No wait! Not yet! I have to work my way through each and everyone of these recipes. Thanks for another great week of wonderful food!

    09-25-09 » 4:19 pm »

  • 2 By Design

    OMG. I think I'm skipping lunch and heading right for desert! Anything with coffee makes me VERY happy. Yum.

    09-25-09 » 6:01 pm »

  • nicole addison

    oh i could die! those look fantastic. coffee brownies.. what other kind of brownies would you ever need!?

    09-25-09 » 7:52 pm »

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