Timex for J.Crew.

So glad to see two classics – Timex and J.Crew – teamed up this fall. One of these watches is definitely on my fall wish list. The question is, which one? Maybe I don’t have to choose… the bands can switch out! {via A Little Sussy}

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  • Tom

    I used to be such a watch whore. Now I don't even own one! I had a very similar watch back in h.s. and had a dozen or so bands that I could switch out. Everything old is new again!

    09-25-09 » 3:05 pm »

  • The Lil Bee

    Ooh…orange or khaki would be my choice! I have a Tommy Hilfiger watch that has switchable bands. I haven't worn it in a while…the colors are very preppy/springy…but perhaps when the weather gets warm again. Right now, though, I'd love one of these watches. The colors are perfect!

    09-29-09 » 3:53 am »

  • marta

    i definitely dog-earred this page in the catalogue last week. and am getting the 'army green' for my hubby this christmas. he swoons for anything classic army. and i simply love love love them too.

    oh kelly you have such fine taste.

    09-30-09 » 2:04 am »

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