Picture It.

{Jess Gough}

Have you ever ventured through a corn maze? I’ve always wanted to but can never find anyone to join me!

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  • Karen

    Love this pic. Makes me want to do a corn maze. They are oddly fun–you should try one!

    10-01-09 » 2:24 am »

  • Rebecca (Dog-Eared)

    i was thinking about this the other day! i've never done it, either. sad..

    10-01-09 » 4:38 am »

  • caroline duke

    i haven't either but it sounds fun in a crazy scary children of the corn kind of way.

    10-01-09 » 8:08 am »

  • rachel

    I remember my brother, sister and our friends drove to one all the way in Lancaster, PA (mind you, we are by NYC) not only did the directions take us in such a way that it took us 2+ hrs to get there, but when we did, the corn stalks were already dying (or dead) so we could see where we were going AND there was a HORRIBLE methane smell all over the place. It made it for a memorable fun, night-time maze….which we will probably never do that one again. =)

    10-01-09 » 12:20 pm »

  • Amy@OldSweetSong

    I've never done it either and would love to. Make a quick trip to New York and we'll find one!

    10-01-09 » 2:29 pm »

  • Alya

    I think it sounds like a quick ticket to a real life horror movie! I've seen too many it seems hahaha

    10-11-09 » 8:35 pm »

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