The Daily Eat: Lemon Buttermilk Tart + Buttermilk Roundup.

True to my word, I’m not leaving you hanging on the roundup from last week’s Buttermilk Week. I’ve been craving citrus lately, so this Lemon Buttermilk Tart looks absolutely divine!


3 to See.

Lovely things
that make every day pretty

Loads of inspiration
(be sure to check out her house!)

The sweet side of life
through the eyes and recipes of Helen

Monday Goodness: Mosh.

I’m baaaaack. And since I missed a few regular posts due to the internet outage Friday, I’ll be making up for it throughout the day. You know, just cause I’m cool like that. First up: last week’s best of the best!

I’m so ready for scarf weather!

Ready for Halloween? This free download might get you in the spirit…

I hate the carnival, but love these themed shower invitations

Pretty gypsy faire tents

Love these Halloween treat bags for kids, so much cooler than the pillowcase I used to use…

Spot-on styling for living in: the Virgin Suicides

Download this apple stationary set and be ready for fall’s arrival!

Lovely bookplate download for your favorite books

Or check out 25 ways to make a book by hand

**NOTE: The Sara Norris giveaway has been extended until noon CST! Don’t miss out your chance to win one of her lovely 8×8″ photographs.


Internet Issues.

Sorry about going MIA Friday, but the internet has been down. Hopefully after one little quick fix with AT&T in the morning, things will be up and back to normal. Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend! xo


Bright + Lovely Restaurant.

This has to be one of the very first rooms I ever bookmarked back in the day. (And by “back in the day” I mean before I ever started blogging.) I’m not sure where it came from or who is responsible for the decorating, but my-oh-my it’s lovely. White, light gray and yellow is always such an eye-catching combination but the true star of this room is the natural lighting. Goes to show how it can make such a huge difference in a room’s ambiance. The tufted yellow booths and armchairs provide that extra little something that keeps me staring and wishing I owned such a place.