On the Rocks: Fallen Apple.

During fall there’s nothing better than curling up around a bonfire with lots friends and lots blankets. Except maybe lots of Fallen Apple cocktails to accompany them both!

Fallen Apple
– ice
– 2 oz apple vodka
– 1 oz Southern Comfort
– apple juice
– green apple slices
– cinnamon sticks

Fill two tall glasses with ice. Add 1 oz apple vodka and ½ oz Southern Comfort to each glass. Top with apple juice. Garnish with green apple slices and a cinnamon stick. Serves 2.


Heidi Burton Halloween Postcards.

I found these awesome off-the-wall Halloween postcards by Heidi Burton a few weeks ago and have been dying to share. They embody exactly what October 31st is all about: embracing your quirkiness and bringing out your inner wild child! Her shop is closed until October 8th, but be sure and stop by to check everything out once she returns.


Picture It.

Pretty sure this is the intensity with which I was eating my cupcake at Sara Sara this afternoon. (The Key Lime for those of you wondering.) What food could delve into with this sort of abandon?


Word: marta writes.

flipflops were on sale,
so we both bought a pair

we glide high
above the trees
in the breeze,
my best friend n’ me.
we swing our legs
and make our plans
just like we always do.
there is no one
i’d rather sit with,
shop with, text with,
sing with, dance with,
drive with, eat with,
laugh with, be with.
just my best friend n’ me.

This week’s Word is right outta the mind of the fabulous Marta. You can read more of her beautiful words and coo over her adorable son, Benji at her blog, marta writes. Thanks so much for your contribution to Word, Marta! You captured it just so.

Picture It.

If I had super-toned thighs I’d be all about this tattoo! But I suppose the ones that I’ve got will have to suffice for now. Do you have a tattoo? If not, what kind do you want if you want one?