Roxy + Peanut + Piper. Oh My.

After three months of feline/canine cohabitation, the kids seem to have adjusted fairly well. They still have all of their eyes, noses and tails so I’m going to go ahead and take that as a good sign. (See Piper’s tail in motion? It. never. stops.)

5 Comments on “Roxy + Peanut + Piper. Oh My.”

  • Jessica

    we have two cats and I've wanted a puppy forever, and its reassuring to know its' worked out for you! Now if I could only convince my husband…


    sigh :cross fingers:


    10-28-09 » 7:15 pm »

  • Kelly

    it took a little while, but eventually there became less and less hissing and growling. i definitely recommend getting a dog that's at least a year old though. (just from personal experience!)


    10-28-09 » 7:18 pm »

  • caroline duke

    hahaha! they are all so cute! and i'm glad to hear they are getting used to one another.

    10-28-09 » 7:21 pm »

  • Jessie

    Adorable! For some reason, I stopped getting your blog feed for a while so I didn't even know that you got a pup! Congratulations! Is Piper a mix? She looks JUST like a miniature version of our Sadie, so I'm curious. :)

    10-28-09 » 11:57 pm »

  • Kelly


    Yes, she's part Jack Russell and part Manchester Terrier!


    10-29-09 » 1:05 pm »

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