Chris Ware’s Halloween New Yorker Cover.

I’ve been staring at Chris Ware’s Halloween cover for the New Yorker off and on over the past few days and have decided I love it. Very, very much so in fact. Definitely enough to want a print of it. {via Boing Boing}

5 Comments on “Chris Ware’s Halloween New Yorker Cover.”

  • courtney

    I like how it shows the parents missing out completely on the experience. Such a great cover!

    10-29-09 » 2:39 pm »

  • Tom

    I love Chris Ware. He's been a favorite of mine for years

    10-29-09 » 3:26 pm »

  • Joe

    Seriously? It makes me sad.

    10-29-09 » 4:24 pm »

  • Jessica

    Are the parents looking at their cell phones?

    10-30-09 » 1:35 am »

  • Clementine

    Yes! This was my favorite New Yorker cover in a loooooong time. So frickin' spot-on. And driving down main st. tonight, around 6pm, what did I see? You guessed it, a woman playing with her iPhone while her kids rang the doorbell.

    10-31-09 » 11:03 pm »

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