Picture It: Masked.

I love masks. I love mystery. I wish I were dressing up simply in a pretty cocktail dress and mask like in some of the beauties in these photos…

{Cori Kindred}


{Fumi Sasabuchi}

{Gemma Booth}

{via hellopoe}

{Klara Kallstrom}

{Matt Irwin}



{via Audrey Hepburn Complex}

PS: I’ll be away from the computer all day tomorrow, but have posts scheduled to pop up throughout the day…

2 Comments on “Picture It: Masked.”

  • simplesong

    fabulous post … love them all.

    10-30-09 » 1:44 am »

  • kaileenelise

    this is a perfect collection of photos for the halloween weekend. my favorite is the first one. thanks for sharing :) xo, kaileenelise

    10-30-09 » 5:10 pm »

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