The Daily Eat: Pumpkin Brioche Cinnamon Rolls + Pumpkin Roundup #1.

I love pumpkin-centric recipes just about more than any others, so I thought I’d continue on like last week and add a little mini-roundup to each day’s The Daily Eat. It helps me get rid of some of my stashed recipe links and maybe (just maybe) it will give you some new bookmarks of your own!

I’ve never made my own cinnamon rolls before, but I’m liking the looks of these Pumpkin Brioche Cinnamon Rolls. I think experimentation time is drawing near… maybe for Thanksgiving breakfast?


Monday Goodness: This Day.

This past weekend ended up being mass chaos and nothing that I planned. My dad flew in from Pennsylvania as a birthday surprise and we had a awesome time running around and exploring parts of the city that even I hadn’t gotten to yet. I missed out on some Halloween fun-ness, but it was totally worth it. Hope you had a amazing weekend, too!