Win It: Xenotees.

I have a soft spot for screen printing. There’s just something so deeply satisfying about slaving over your design and then dragging the ink across the screen and seeing it take shape.

This week’s giveaway is from Xenotees, where every single piece is screen printed by hand on a manual 6 color/6 station press. And one of your luckies is going to be the recipient of this adorable French Pet Lobster scarf! It’s a sheer jersey scarf from American Apparel screen printed in red with “I have a liking for lobsters. They are peaceful, serious creatures. They know the secrets of the sea, they don’t bark…” in French. So sweet and charming. And perfect for all of winter’s chilliest days.

To Enter, Tell Me:
1. Your favorite animal!
2. Your email address, in case you’re the lucky winner (those who do not will sadly be disqualified)
3. And do it all before Friday, December 18th at 12pm CST

A winner will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after. Best of luck!

249 Comments on “Win It: Xenotees.”

  • Megan

    my favorite aminal would have to be a white tiger. because they are beautiful, sleek, agile creatures.

    12-14-09 » 6:42 pm »

  • Brianna Soloski

    My favorite animal right now is the lynx (it's a cousin of the bobcat).

    12-14-09 » 6:43 pm »

  • Jennifer

    Flamingos are by far my favorite!

    12-14-09 » 6:53 pm »

  • glynis

    My favorite has always been the elephant. They just look like they really understand… :-)

    (LOVE the scarf!!)

    12-14-09 » 7:10 pm »

  • Blibbidy Blobs

    Cats… mostly because a lot of them are bitches! :)

    12-14-09 » 7:18 pm »

  • Mary

    To be very specific: My cat, Nibbles. Whiny, demanding, clingy…and cute enough to overcome it all!

    mvhaley @ gmail

    12-14-09 » 7:29 pm »

  • Katherine

    Awesome scarf!

    My favorite animals are dogs 'cause I feel that they are a lot like us, and I'm constantly fascinated by their thoughts and the way they show emotions.

    phetchedblog at gmail dot com

    12-14-09 » 7:32 pm »

  • GF

    My fav animal? Sheep. Baby sheep in particular. I appreciate that sheep grow wool, although wool sweaters make me itchy. Still, I'm thankful.

    diva373737 at

    12-14-09 » 7:41 pm »

  • Megan

    im a penguin gal!
    love the waddle.

    12-14-09 » 7:42 pm »

  • the seaman

    my favorite animal is the turtle! seaman (dot) allison (at) gmail (dot) com

    12-14-09 » 8:19 pm »

  • Jaclyn

    I'm a true, blue dog fan – puppies are my favourite :) Thanks for the chance! Cheers –

    12-14-09 » 8:22 pm »

  • ~Emily~

    My favorite animal by far is a koala. I used to collect koala stuff as a kid and I still love them!

    12-14-09 » 8:25 pm »

  • Jagoda

    I love the manatee. Curious, Friendly, living their lives on their own time. Originally thought to be mermaids! What is not to love? Oh and I adore their cute faces -it reminds me of my bulldogs.

    12-14-09 » 8:41 pm »

  • Dobbygirl

    I love cats (and have 2) but I love crustaceans too – this scarf would be great with my lobster print skirt!

    12-14-09 » 9:06 pm »

  • Jenn

    I think my favorite animal is the meerkat. They're just too adorable for words, and they always look like they're up to something…

    ciceronian at gmail!

    12-14-09 » 9:07 pm »

  • Mel

    Snow leopard is my favorite animal.

    And I LOVE this scarf!!

    12-14-09 » 9:10 pm »

  • stigg100

    I am a huge fan of horses. They have such distinct personalities, strength and beauty. Love them!

    12-14-09 » 10:05 pm »

  • Robyn

    hmm I think my favorite looking animal is a turtle! But when it comes to love & affection, nothing beats dogs & cats!

    12-14-09 » 10:09 pm »

  • Megan

    1. It's all about the hippopotamus.
    2. megetzel @ gmail

    12-14-09 » 11:07 pm »

  • zoΓ«

    It's hard picking favorites,
    but I know one that is absolutely cute: the slow loris.



    12-15-09 » 12:18 am »

  • Jessica

    Definitely sea otters. They always seem to be having a grand time!

    jessicahamm at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 12:19 am »

  • Zapfina

    1. Fennec fox–it's the ears.

    12-15-09 » 12:43 am »

  • Laura

    My favourite animal has to be the squirrel. I live in Winchester, England which has a lot of them and it always brightens up my day to be in class or on campus and to see them out of the window, so close, yet oblivious to me. So cute!

    12-15-09 » 12:46 am »

  • amber c.

    My new favorite animal is the Fennec fox. They are too cute for their own ears, and I wish I could keep one as a pet!

    Thanks for the chance,

    12-15-09 » 12:49 am »

  • Serif

    FERRETSFERRETSFERRETS. Yessir. :( I'm so terribly sad ferrets are illegal to have as pets in California.

    shelovesthemoon at

    12-15-09 » 1:18 am »

  • Nina

    I happen to love goats. They're just so funny looking!

    12-15-09 » 1:43 am »

  • kate

    I really really love polar bears. I have a siberian husky who looks like a polar bear. I am an animal person. always have been. i like anything wit fur. not furry spiders though. and i love otters and seals this week.

    Love, Kate

    12-15-09 » 2:05 am »

  • Julianne

    my boston terrier bumble bee.

    12-15-09 » 2:22 am »

  • Julianne Bannon

    grr.. forgot my email:

    12-15-09 » 2:23 am »

  • Elena


    Fave animal – SHEEP! πŸ˜€

    Thank you!

    P.S. You must check out the buttery-soft and not at all itchy merino wool! :)

    12-15-09 » 3:34 am »

  • Anonymous

    This kitty right here:

    Awwww. :) <3 Ariel

    12-15-09 » 3:35 am »

  • Bernadette

    i usually say whales, but lobsters are actually my secret favorite! they mate for life, which is so sweet. have you found your lobster?

    12-15-09 » 4:16 am »

  • Lauren

    The koala! Did you know… they are not bears, though they are often called koala bears. They are marsupials. Just like the kangaroo. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    12-15-09 » 5:55 am »

  • caroline duke


    12-15-09 » 6:43 am »

  • Nina

    I am a huge cat person! Dogs just don't do it for me. :)

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 7:24 am »

  • Lina

    hedgehogs definitely!

    l.jilkova at

    12-15-09 » 8:05 am »

  • Vicka

    My favourite animal is panda – because they are so cute, big and furry.

    I'm Vicka from Moscow, Russia

    12-15-09 » 10:07 am »

  • holly aka golly

    I love birds – all kinds.

    12-15-09 » 12:13 pm »

  • Jingle

    That would have to be the hedgehog. At least for now. I love them. They make me happy. jinglesells at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 1:21 pm »

  • Hives

    I love the scarf! My favourite animal is the ocean sunfish!
    Thank you!

    12-15-09 » 1:40 pm »

  • Mariele

    lobsters! i love lobsters. they are sooo cool.
    i want to win a lobster scarf!

    12-15-09 » 2:04 pm »

  • Cindy

    My favorite are kittens. I love adult cats too, but kittens are just so sweet and lovable.


    12-15-09 » 2:33 pm »

  • annaspencer

    My favorite animal is an African Grey Parrot.

    12-15-09 » 2:42 pm »

  • Bella

    My favorite would have to be goats..they are herd-mentality assholes…but so entertaining! We have four of them.

    12-15-09 » 2:59 pm »

  • Amber

    Zebras are my favorite animal!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

    12-15-09 » 3:03 pm »

  • Ashley

    My favorite animal is and has always been a horse.

    12-15-09 » 3:13 pm »

  • Miss Mash

    I love whales! How can anyone eat them?? Go Sea Shepards!

    12-15-09 » 3:15 pm »

  • April and Ashley

    My dog Wally Thor (a.k.a. Wally, Wobbles,Wobblers)!

    Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

    12-15-09 » 3:15 pm »

  • WonderfulWire

    Absolutely has to be a Seahorse!! :)

    (I love all ocean creatures :)

    12-15-09 » 3:18 pm »

  • Mer


    Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Holidays!

    12-15-09 » 3:22 pm »

  • erin, maker of chimes



    12-15-09 » 3:46 pm »

  • clenna

    I love Golden Retriever dogs. They are so lovable and sweet. They are devoted to their families.

    clenna at aol dot com

    12-15-09 » 3:52 pm »

  • Amber

    Hello! I have a soft spot for Whippets as they are super graceful and we have one. I also like elephants.

    12-15-09 » 3:53 pm »

  • Grace

    Favorite animals are birds – all kinds (except pigeons…)

    gracescotkeith at hotmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 3:57 pm »

  • Juliann furr

    a donkey, because sometimes I just feel like one… and most of my friends act like one! lol!

    12-15-09 » 3:57 pm »

  • Mary Beth

    What a gorgeous scarf. I wish I could be completely original and say the three toed sloth, but – really – I like cats. Plain old ordinary house-cats.

    12-15-09 » 3:59 pm »

  • Leslietime

    Lobster is definitely my favorite animal for eating…

    12-15-09 » 4:04 pm »

  • Shannon

    my favorite animal is any sweet, tiny little puppy :)


    12-15-09 » 4:04 pm »

  • Kristi

    Favorite animal? Definitely the raccoon. There's something infinitely impish about them.

    12-15-09 » 4:08 pm »

  • Jullee and Fam

    I really like faithful and fun :)

    12-15-09 » 4:14 pm »


    This is hard since I love most animals, but I will say the chicken is my favorite. I have 5 of them and they give me eggs everyday. I love the way they cackle to tell me there's an egg waiting.

    12-15-09 » 4:18 pm »

  • Mahi

    I'm a dog/puppy lover…they are amazingly cute, loyal and best friends.

    12-15-09 » 4:19 pm »

  • t.mullenix

    Hmmm.. tough question…. dogs, the bigger the better!

    12-15-09 » 4:27 pm »

  • Amber

    Favorite animal? The Javelina!

    12-15-09 » 4:27 pm »

  • Megan May

    my favorite animal is a turtle :)

    12-15-09 » 4:31 pm »

  • scjcbull

    I go weak in the knees for dogs. The unconditional love of a dog is priceless!

    12-15-09 » 4:34 pm »

  • Kristine

    Growing up, my favorite animal was the peacock. I was obsessed! Now I still like birds, but the robin and wren type! skystine at yahoo dot com

    12-15-09 » 4:42 pm »

  • Maggi

    dolphins, definitely

    12-15-09 » 4:45 pm »

  • Alexis

    My favorite is the giraffe. They have purple tongues!

    12-15-09 » 4:45 pm »

  • Liz

    When I was younger, it was easily a panda bear. Now, I'll take my cat any day!

    12-15-09 » 4:57 pm »

  • carrie

    Turtles are cool.

    12-15-09 » 4:58 pm »

  • Maria

    loving small puppies at the moment. but i'm a sucker for lobsters like the "friends" episode: "he's her lobster!" such a cute scarf!

    12-15-09 » 5:00 pm »

  • bΓ©atrice

    i love them all, but alpacas above all.


    12-15-09 » 5:14 pm »

  • Kim

    My favorite animals are actually lobsters and crabs. They remind me of the beach and my little house a block from the ocean. I adore anything that brings my thoughts back to my favorite place in the world!

    12-15-09 » 5:22 pm »

  • Kel

    My favorite animal is the penguin!

    12-15-09 » 5:28 pm »

  • Shrimp Salad Circus

    1. Do I really have to pick just one?!? Okay, okay – fine. I think that today's favorite animal will be the ring-tailed lemur. I've loved them ever since I was really little. There's just something about those sweet little guys and their stripey-goodness that I can't resists 'oooh-ing' and 'ahhh-ing' over!
    2. shrimpsaladcircus at gmail dot com
    3. βœ“!

    I have loved Xenotees for awhile now and have featured the Collective Names of Animals at my blog before. *love*

    12-15-09 » 5:36 pm »

  • ldellap1

    My favorite animal is a hippopotamus. They are so cute:)

    12-15-09 » 5:40 pm »

  • elsiee

    my favorite animal is the Mimi

    take a peek and you'll see why!

    12-15-09 » 5:46 pm »

  • Kashena

    This is too adorable. It's rare that I fall in love so quickly.

    My favorite animal is probably the pygmy marmoset. I visit them at the zoo near my house. I named one Oliver…


    12-15-09 » 5:49 pm »

  • WalkingKeno

    My favorite animal has always been the horse! I love all animals so this is a tough decision.

    12-15-09 » 5:49 pm »

  • Vintage Jones

    Owls are my favorite animal



    12-15-09 » 5:50 pm »

  • Cindy

    I heart me some muntjac, which look like miniature deer.

    12-15-09 » 5:53 pm »

  • 4smartmonkeys

    My favorite animal is the housecat- all colors, shapes and sizes.
    What a great giveaway!

    12-15-09 » 5:54 pm »

  • Anonymous

    My favorite animal is a Macaw. I have wanted one for so long, they are so beautiful and majestic looking.

    Shannon Mathena

    12-15-09 » 5:59 pm »

  • penny threads.

    my favorite animal would have to be a white crane.
    my email address is:
    love the scarf and i hope i win! πŸ˜€ good luck to all!

    12-15-09 » 5:59 pm »

  • mamaL

    Hedgehogs! Love the scarf!

    12-15-09 » 6:03 pm »

  • Grace

    My favourite animal would be any type of chicken. My first pet was one and I was born in the year of the rooster.

    12-15-09 » 6:22 pm »

  • Judy B

    Growing up my fav was the Elephant, but now I love otters- so playful!

    judychrz at gmail

    12-15-09 » 6:24 pm »

  • Sarah Mac

    Owls are my favorite!


    12-15-09 » 6:24 pm »

  • awolfie

    Snauzer Puppies

    12-15-09 » 6:26 pm »

  • Lui

    I love dogs. There's just something about those eyes…

    12-15-09 » 6:45 pm »

  • Ashley E

    I love elephants!

    12-15-09 » 6:48 pm »

  • Maura

    My favorite animal that I will never get to own is the polar bear.

    12-15-09 » 6:59 pm »

  • dandeliondog

    Caribou & Reindeer! I love their soft squishy noses and gigantic feet… And who can resist that face?


    12-15-09 » 7:05 pm »

  • Biddy

    My favorite animal has to be a frog. I love frogs so much that I have a tattoo of one on my foot; and it's no little tattoo…..

    12-15-09 » 7:07 pm »

  • LoveMeKnot Creations

    i too have a soft spot for screen printing :)

    my fave animal is the elephant, has been since I was a baby (my baby blanket has one on it!)

    lovemeknotcreations@gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 7:10 pm »

  • Amanda

    I love snails! In middle school I started my own "Adventures of Mr. Snail" comic. And my favorite quote is "By perseverance, even the snail reached the ark." I don't know why I have a fondness for these small, slimy creatures, but I do! "_@__ (<–that's a snail!)

    12-15-09 » 7:14 pm »

  • Sarah Lynne

    I have to say puppies. I love my Yorkshire Terrier. But I do love Lobsters!!!! They taste yummy!!!!

    Happy Holidays

    12-15-09 » 7:20 pm »

  • Cherry Blossoms

    My favorite animal would have to be a goldendoodle {dog}. My parents have one named Jingles and she is the best dog in the world…she looks like a muppet and acts like a human {and I am not a dog lover!}

    CherryBlossomsDesign AT hotmail

    12-15-09 » 7:21 pm »

  • Jenny

    Pugs! Their cute little noses and big ol eyes! πŸ˜€

    12-15-09 » 7:25 pm »

  • Snarky A.

    My favorite animal is the dog, because they are such great & loyal companions.

    Love the scarf! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    snarky dot much at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 7:28 pm »

  • rkl

    My favorite animal is a sloth because they're too cute!

    rklarsson at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 7:29 pm »

  • jasmine

    bunny rabbits, cos they're so so cute.
    email in profile

    12-15-09 » 7:36 pm »

  • Lindsey

    i love my chihuahua mix Gracie. they are the cutest dogs! ferrets are fun too.

    12-15-09 » 7:37 pm »

  • jenni has her head in the clouds

    My favorite animal is a sea otter, they are so playful and … they remind me of my cats (silly reason I know, although sea otters are way more active..)

    jenni (dot) leder (at) gmail

    12-15-09 » 7:45 pm »

  • Lori

    My fave animal is the cat.

    dolqueil (at) yahoo (dot) com

    12-15-09 » 7:53 pm »

  • Laurie

    I know this is boring, but I LOVE dogs!!! Poodles especially…!

    12-15-09 » 7:58 pm »

  • Rebecca

    My dog Timone! She looks just like a meerkat when she's being cute :)

    12-15-09 » 8:02 pm »

  • alittleladyand3men

    My favorite animal is a squirrel. My cat even shares the name of these funny little critters.

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful give-away!

    lianne-nichols at hotmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 8:03 pm »

  • International Giveaways

    I really, really like llamas and alpacas. I used to take care of some in the zoo and they have such a cuteness.


    12-15-09 » 8:20 pm »

  • Zertuchina

    My favorite animal is the cat…any cat.

    12-15-09 » 8:25 pm »

  • Christina


    12-15-09 » 8:50 pm »

  • Amanda

    A wombat, because they crack up my 20 month old!

    12-15-09 » 8:51 pm »

  • Anonymous

    My favorite animal is the elephant because they are gracefully majestic πŸ˜‰

    untenuredteacher at yahoo dot com

    12-15-09 » 8:57 pm »

  • gloria

    My favourite animal is the dolphin!

    12-15-09 » 9:02 pm »

  • Esmerelda Johnson

    i'm NOT an animal person, but meerkats absolutely crack me up. i think they are so cute.

    also, there are a few types of dogs that are starting to grow on me… (shh)

    12-15-09 » 9:06 pm »

  • Tackyhandmade

    For me…it's Lions, my Dad was a Leo…LOVED Lions.

    So now, when I see a Lion my heart warms!!


    12-15-09 » 9:09 pm »

  • Carrie

    God- I love that scarf!!!

    I have two favorite animals- elephants and horses. They are my favorites because they are my kids' favorites so I have gotten to know a lot about them!

    12-15-09 » 9:18 pm »

  • Carrie

    Oops- I forgot my email address- but I don't see my comment so I can't delete it. Well, my favorite animals are horses and elephants!

    12-15-09 » 9:22 pm »

  • djs

    penguins are my fave – so elegant yet cute and playful.

    12-15-09 » 9:26 pm »

  • Anmarie

    Gosh, any puppy!!!

    12-15-09 » 9:27 pm »

  • Lily

    my favorite animal is the platypus!

    12-15-09 » 9:37 pm »

  • Thea

    It always used to be a horse, but I think it's changed to the loyal, fun-loving dog. They're just so sweet.

    12-15-09 » 9:42 pm »

  • Jen

    i know it's boring, but my fave animal is a dog – so loyal and loving. thanks for the giveaway!

    jeneason100 at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 9:52 pm »


    Def our golden retriever is my fave … she's 11 mos and wonderful w/my young boys!

    12-15-09 » 9:53 pm »

  • Wehaf

    I love elephants for their intelligence.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

    12-15-09 » 9:54 pm »

  • mrsb

    I kid you not, lobster is it!

    It's all about that Friends episode where they (mistakenly) say that lobsters mate for life. My hubby and I thought that was the most romantic thing ever. To this day, he still signs all his notes "Your lobster".

    I would love, love, love to win this!!

    mrsbbradley AT gmail DOT com

    12-15-09 » 10:08 pm »

  • Blake

    I guess my favorite animal would have to be my cat in particular, being the faithful clown that he is. Email is in the profile, or, blake at wedsmack dot com
    btw, GORGEOUS scarf, i love it!

    12-15-09 » 10:10 pm »

  • Marta

    Terrific scarf!

    My favorite animals are birds, especially owls. So mysterious and beautiful!

    12-15-09 » 10:31 pm »

  • dyylannn

    My favorite animal has to be starfish
    they are just amazing

    12-15-09 » 10:37 pm »

  • Kate

    1. my favorite animal would have to be the raven. It's my totem
    3. i love xenotees, they have such creative and unique designs

    12-15-09 » 10:49 pm »

  • Anonymous

    My favorite animals are cows, I grew up raising them and they're gentle amazing creatures. Truely the therapists of the animal kingdom, they listened to my chatter all day!


    12-15-09 » 10:52 pm »

  • aimee

    A fictional mini elephant, that only grows to the size of a cat. All that cuteness and only tiny little poops! Win win!

    12-15-09 » 10:55 pm »

  • Anonymous

    How can you not love a penguin!? They are the animal that can keep me the most entertained at the zoo!

    12-15-09 » 11:22 pm »

  • Linda

    My favorite is strange, but it's an octopus. I could just watch them for hours at the zoo!

    12-15-09 » 11:24 pm »

  • Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea

    my favorite animal is a elephant!

    12-15-09 » 11:34 pm »

  • Say!

    wow, just one, huh? Well, I guess today, at this moment it would be a 3 week old purring kitten with a ball of yarn about as big as the kitten.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    Happy Holidays,

    sayartlover (at) yahoo (dot) com

    12-15-09 » 11:53 pm »

  • Kristen G.

    My favorite animal is a dog. They're such smart and loving creatures. It seems like my little puppy learns something new every day!

    12-16-09 » 12:34 am »

  • Jessica

    My favorite domesticated animal is a housecat. I LOVE cats, and I don't really like dogs that much, at least I don't want to own one. My favorite wild animal is a sloth.

    12-16-09 » 12:37 am »

  • Paige

    My favorite animal is a turtle. So cute, so quiet.


    12-16-09 » 1:41 am »

  • greenTXmom

    Orangatans are the best. And it doesn't hurt that their arms are as long as their bodies…reminds me of myself! πŸ˜‰

    12-16-09 » 1:44 am »

  • Sherry

    my favourite is dog

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

    12-16-09 » 1:51 am »

  • BriAnne

    brianne.copp at

    12-16-09 » 2:02 am »

  • BriAnne


    brianne.copp at

    12-16-09 » 2:03 am »

  • Karen Chen


    12-16-09 » 2:21 am »

  • Anonymous

    My favorite animal is the Rhinoceros. They are like a beautiful glimpse into prehistoric times. Plus the baby ones are super cute.

    12-16-09 » 2:33 am »

  • ~Miss Judy Bloom~

    i'm a dork. i like dolphins and all creatures from the ocean. :)

    12-16-09 » 2:37 am »

  • Anonymous

    cats. mrrreow.

    12-16-09 » 2:38 am »

  • picnut1512

    I am a Polar Bear lover…such amazing animals.

    12-16-09 » 2:51 am »

  • Angel

    Well, my favorite animals are dogs, but I have a soft spot for giraffes as well. I enjoy eating lobsters, though. :)

    12-16-09 » 3:02 am »

  • hayley

    I love frogs, as I kid I was so fascinated by them and still am.

    12-16-09 » 3:13 am »

  • graduatedlearning

    I liked cows back in the day…I actually had a whole collection of different cow collectibles!
    So that would be one of my favorites!

    my email is

    12-16-09 » 3:25 am »

  • Bachuchay

    My favorite animal is a dog because they are man's bestfirend =)


    12-16-09 » 3:26 am »

  • Blythe

    Hands down the infamous Great Dane. Why, might you ask? Because we have been lucky in this life time to have our great dane little "big" girl, Kingston and she makes us laugh hour by hour…when 200lbs of pure dog flops around the house and trips walking up stairs, how can you not smile, even on a bad day?

    12-16-09 » 4:21 am »

  • melanie

    oh! i forgot how much i love elephants and sheep until right when i read through the comment!

    but armadillos win. they're just so cool.

    12-16-09 » 4:33 am »

  • Lucy

    Favorite Animal: kittens…well really any kind of baby animal but especially kittens


    12-16-09 » 4:36 am »

  • virginia


    12-16-09 » 5:20 am »

  • Sarah

    My favorite animal is the elephant – matriarchal and they protect the weak. What's not to love?

    12-16-09 » 6:19 am »

  • Darcy Rogers

    my fav animal would have to be the cheetah. it would be amazing to be able to break free and run that fast! my email is

    12-16-09 » 6:27 am »

  • Anonymous

    My favorite animal is most definitely the tiger.

    12-16-09 » 6:47 am »

  • Lisa

    The Liger first comes to mind. But now I'm not so sure. The Tasmanian Devil is rather cute.

    12-16-09 » 7:36 am »

  • laia

    My favourite animal: wolf

    Regards from Barcelona,Laia.


    12-16-09 » 7:58 am »

  • tazimd

    I love bears! they are very sweet looking from a distance…but better not mess with a mama's cubs!

    tazimd @ gmail dot com

    12-16-09 » 8:32 am »

  • laney

    my favorite animal would have to be a dog.

    i have one! His name is MOMO, and he's adorable. dogs can relate to you and somehow comfort you unlike others. they don't stay mad for long, very forgiving, and always happy to see you.

    12-16-09 » 10:18 am »

  • laney

    my email:

    *this is for the above comment re: MOMO

    12-16-09 » 10:19 am »

  • kelsea

    My favorite animal: I would have to say it's a three-way tie between the giraffe, the owl and the unsuspecting walrus.

    12-16-09 » 10:59 am »

  • With Love, Elle

    fav animal: PUGS!!! see my blog sidebar i have one! dory is the bestest!
    e: beautiful1 at popstar dot com

    good luck everyone! merry xmas!
    xoxo elle

    12-16-09 » 12:03 pm »

  • LocustSt

    Hmmm…I haven't thought about what my favorite animal is since about third grade…. so many things to take in account….if I were to go to a zoo the first thing I'd want to see would be the apes. Does that make them my favorite? I'm not sure.

    I love how long the scarf is. Love the originality of the lobster!

    12-16-09 » 1:53 pm »

  • krista

    Awww he's her lobster!
    My favorite animal is currently the octopus. I'm obsessed with all sea creatures, but the octopus makes for the most fun to draw. :)

    12-16-09 » 2:15 pm »

  • NeoHouToo

    Definitely the ermine. I ran into one while on a hike in Wyoming about this time last year, it's been a heart breaker for me ever since. Look her up, you'll understand. Thanks!

    12-16-09 » 2:26 pm »

  • Allison

    My favorite pet is a cat, but my favorite animal to look at/decorate with is an owl – faux of course, no taxidermy for me!

    12-16-09 » 2:31 pm »

  • 3 squares

    I married a guy very attached to his bassett hound and parrot, and had to find a new home for my two cats in the process. So I'll say soft, fuzzy kittens.


    12-16-09 » 2:34 pm »

  • Sara C

    I've always liked those of the big cat family…my favorite would have to be a leopard.

    12-16-09 » 2:37 pm »

  • ~teal

    Gotta go with horses, since I stare out at them endlessly through the window!

    12-16-09 » 2:40 pm »

  • Pam

    This is hard! I'd say a Golden Retriever but they are actually human, so I'll have to say lately it's the Rhinocerous. There is something totally narly about them.

    12-16-09 » 2:55 pm »

  • Sara_B

    My favorite animal is the Penguin. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a penguin waddle, waddle, waddle!

    12-16-09 » 2:56 pm »

  • rachel

    I know people generally get pretty freaked out when they see them, but I just simply adore them…Sloths are so stinkin cute!!! And they are my fave. It might have to do with their resemblence to Chewbacca from Star Wars….

    12-16-09 » 3:19 pm »

  • free indeed

    My fave use to be cows and roosters. Now I'm sort of into the quiet cheerful chickadee. Loved swans as a kid only because I loved that book the Ugly Duckling!
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

    Living in Maine and having a french husband, this scarf is just made for me!

    12-16-09 » 3:50 pm »

  • Katie

    My favourite animal is the kookaburra. The screeching birds remind me of a favourite camp song… "merry merry king of the bush is he, laugh, kookaburra, laugh, kokkaburra, gay your life must be".

    12-16-09 » 4:13 pm »

  • Arleathia

    My favorite animal is the Lynx.It's so beautiful!
    Arleathia Allen

    12-16-09 » 4:56 pm »

  • trisha too

    my favorite animal right now is Jimmy, our rescue mutt puppy.

    and all the birds that come to eat at our deck railing,

    and Chester the World's Greatest Dog, who is actually our cat, and Maggie the Cat, our other cat . . .

    my favorite "animal" is actually ALL of our pets, so I won't bore you by listing them all!

    sandtneal at mfire dot com

    12-16-09 » 5:03 pm »

  • Lara

    I love that scarf!! Oh, I am crossing my fingers!!

    My favorite animal is a chinchilla. I have one for a pet, and she is the softest creature ever! She’s also got an adorable personality – friendly and curious!

    Lara /

    12-16-09 » 5:30 pm »

  • kate

    My favorite animal has to be a giraffe! Those long necks and long legs are quite amazing! And the baby ones are just too adorable!

    12-16-09 » 5:30 pm »

  • Jen

    Hmmm – favorite animal. Well, aside from my cat Rusty, at the moment I would have to say birds. Songbirds to be more precise. Love watching them at my feeders, getting to know them…great relaxation.

    12-16-09 » 6:18 pm »

  • Anonymous

    My favorite animal is a pig.

    Laura C


    12-16-09 » 6:20 pm »

  • cry

    My favorite animal is a giraffe. Love them since I made a paper mache giraffe in pre-school! (I'm 26)

    supersilver100 at gmail dot com

    12-16-09 » 6:42 pm »

  • Robin.L.M.88

    My favorite animal? Well, I have collected whales since Iw as a little girl, though I have a soft spot for all sea creatures.

    12-16-09 » 6:59 pm »

  • Anonymous

    I like fish.

    12-16-09 » 7:10 pm »

  • brittany

    Favorite animal: starling. I love the way they flock this time of year! Its really moving

    12-16-09 » 7:15 pm »

  • boldsimple

    Cat. Especially the one that I use as a lap warmer on drafty days!

    12-16-09 » 7:15 pm »

  • Carolien

    My favourite animals are sea otters! They're furry and cuddly and just all-around awesome.

    12-16-09 » 7:22 pm »

  • Jessica F.

    I absolutely LOVE cats! Yet lobsters are very very…yummy… πŸ˜‰

    chickenlil007 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    12-16-09 » 7:35 pm »

  • M. B. Karger

    If I say that Noelle is a "party animal" can she be my favorite? πŸ˜‰

    Otherwise, it's dogs all the way for me.

    Love the scarf and this giveaway — crossing my fingers!

    Marnie a.k.a. Crafterall


    12-16-09 » 7:48 pm »

  • Victoria

    My favorite animal is the mouse. I have one tattooed on my hip, and while yes they're vermin–they're awful adorable while they eat your food and poop in your house.

    theatremouse [at] gmail [dot] com

    12-16-09 » 7:49 pm »

  • Pam

    My favorite animal: Cat

    ptucker_3 at hotmail dot com

    12-16-09 » 8:01 pm »

  • LoveCharlesVintage

    I've always love weasels, but foxes are probably my absolute favorite.
    This scarf is great! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Lilygreig at gmail dot com

    12-16-09 » 8:08 pm »

  • Eli

    sloths are pretty amazing, although lately, I've started to become obsessed with seahorses

    and that lobster is pretty charming!

    elizabeth.m.barret [@]

    12-16-09 » 8:34 pm »

  • larissah

    I've always had a soft spot for sea lions, they crack me up. Then again, the video of the new baby rhino at Busch Gardens made me squeal (who knew something like that could be so cute?)

    larissa UNDERSCORE halishoff AT yahoo DOT com

    12-16-09 » 9:30 pm »

  • Linda K

    My very favorite animal is the orangutan

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

    12-16-09 » 9:34 pm »

  • Steff Metal

    My favorite animal is a duck. Ducks are awesome – they can fly, they can swim, they can dive, and they can waddle around adorably on land. Ducks have everything :)

    12-16-09 » 9:39 pm »

  • Sally

    My favorite animal is an elephant! Thanks!

    12-16-09 » 9:43 pm »

  • Larraine

    My favorite animal is the wild turkey. They have great colors, and have been invading urban and suburban areas. Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be our national bird. He thought the bald eagle was too "war like." Go, turkeys!

    12-16-09 » 9:55 pm »

  • Courtney

    pengins, i have a thing for contrast…

    courtney.kieras (at) gmail (dot) com

    12-16-09 » 9:56 pm »

  • Heidi

    My favorite animal, by far, is squirrels. They are so fun to watch!

    12-16-09 » 10:02 pm »

  • rose

    It would have to me a sea horse. I love the sea, and love to dive but have yet to see a sea horse.

    12-16-09 » 10:43 pm »

  • Jennifer

    My favorite animal is the Boston Terrier. They are so well behaved (well the ones I've met so far) and they look so dapper and sophisticated, it seems like if they could talk, they would be great to converse with.

    12-16-09 » 11:26 pm »

  • Amy

    Well, I love snails. I don't know where the fascination came from but I just love them.

    singleta418 at yahoo dot com

    12-16-09 » 11:39 pm »

  • Birgit

    Favorite animal? Raccoon! :)

    Greetings from Munich,

    12-17-09 » 12:18 am »

  • Mother Hoodlum

    This thing is just fantastic! I am quite fond of cats, but in particular have become obsessed with a particular breed of late: The Exotic Shorthair, preferably Munchkin. Basically, the goofy, pushed in face of a persian, the short hair and extra large eyes of a shorthair, and munchkins for the short legs. It's the most bizarre looking little ball of fur in existence, and you can't help but fall over when looking at them!

    12-17-09 » 1:39 am »

  • heckles

    1. turtle

    12-17-09 » 1:41 am »

  • Kathy S.

    my favorite animal is a cat.

    12-17-09 » 2:10 am »

  • Lindsey

    My favorite animal would have to be dogs…I mean I love my little doggy so that would be #1. I also like squirrels.
    And I like this scarf too!
    Thanks for the chance!

    lindseysgreatfull at gmail dot com

    12-17-09 » 2:13 am »

  • Courtney Katz

    I love this scarf!!!

    Right now I love owls.

    12-17-09 » 2:21 am »

  • Rachel


    Thanks for the giveaway!

    12-17-09 » 2:38 am »

  • Michelle

    Dolphins!! and Penguins at Christmas :) Love animals!!

    mandm_2002 at hotmail dot com

    12-17-09 » 2:44 am »

  • Muskrat

    Muskrats! Of course! (I have to add beavers and baby goats here too so they don't feel left out…:)

    12-17-09 » 2:52 am »

  • Muskrat


    12-17-09 » 2:53 am »

  • GloJoeSews

    I love black cats! I have two, and they're like fabulous panthers, sleek, stealth and loving.

    12-17-09 » 3:50 am »

  • Ted and Beth

    My favorite animal (next to my precious pup) is a sea turtle.

    12-17-09 » 4:05 am »

  • Jen

    definitely a dolphin!

    12-17-09 » 7:05 am »

  • Eva

    I am a fan of foxes.

    honeybushtea AT

    12-17-09 » 8:42 am »

  • Faith

    I wish I could answer more creatively, but ever since I was a little girl my favorite animal was a simple house cat. They're just so fascinating!

    12-17-09 » 11:17 am »

  • jakiesmom

    my favorite animal is a house cat..cause they are so laid back, love to nap and kick back!

    12-17-09 » 3:59 pm »

  • Candace

    A red fox on a snowy hill always makes my day.

    12-17-09 » 4:12 pm »

  • Jillian

    my favorite animal is an otter. they can swim crazy fast. they have fun. they lazily lay on their backs. enough said.

    12-17-09 » 4:52 pm »

  • Kelle's Kitchen

    I would have to say my favourite animal is the cat…but I couldn't possibly choose just one of our 4 darlings!

    Wonderful giveaway, this scarf is so gorgeous!

    krherning at yahoo dot com

    12-17-09 » 4:59 pm »

  • theoneredhead

    I'm obsessed with hedgehogs – they're my favorite. Cheers,


    12-17-09 » 5:00 pm »

  • Gloria

    penguins are my fav too. i don't know why but they're just so loveable.

    12-17-09 » 5:35 pm »

  • MIchelle

    i love hedgehogs. all that cuteness wrapped up in a sweet prickly little bundle. *sigh*

    and that lobster scarf is a beaut.

    12-17-09 » 5:42 pm »

  • nfmgirl

    *sigh* I don't know how to pick my favorite animal. I love all of them!

    hmmmm Today I have octopus on the brain, due to the video going around the octopus hiding itself in a coconut shell and carrying it around with it. So I'll say octopus!

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com

    12-17-09 » 6:24 pm »

  • Jennifer

    My favorite animal is the hippo. Ackward on land, graceful in the water; proving to me that we all can find the right place for us to shine.

    12-17-09 » 6:45 pm »

  • allison

    I've loved duckbill platypuses since I was a kid… but dogs will always hold a soft spot in my heart.

    grossman.allison at gmail dot com

    12-17-09 » 6:50 pm »

  • Megan

    I love owls.

    12-17-09 » 9:08 pm »

  • Linna

    I love dogs!! Pekingese in particular πŸ˜€

    linna.hsu at gmail dot com

    12-17-09 » 9:19 pm »

  • Jill

    My favorite animals are dogs. They love you unconditionally!

    12-18-09 » 12:50 am »

  • Anonymous

    Mountain Lion


    12-18-09 » 12:52 am »

  • Erin Fay

    The lion! I'm a leo that's why!
    love the scarf..

    12-18-09 » 1:29 am »

  • Megan

    I'm a cat person. They have minds of their own, are absolutely adorable, and can make you feel so admired when they snuggle up to you and start purring.

    meganpoinski (at) gmail (dot) com

    12-18-09 » 1:57 am »

  • SKI

    My favorite animal is a hippo! They love the water, look gentle but are fierce.


    12-18-09 » 2:13 am »

  • Terry

    Chinchillas :)

    Softest animals on earth, highly affectionate, and smarter than something with a brain smaller than a peach pit has any right to be.

    Also, vein octopi, because I'm impressed by invertebrates planfully using tools.

    tblauer at gmail dot com

    12-18-09 » 2:37 am »

  • ML

    pandas! they are oh so cute and spend two-thirds of their time eating and the other third sleeping [or so says the san diego zoo]. sounds like the life!

    meghan.e.lee at gmail dot com

    12-18-09 » 3:52 am »

  • Emily

    I like alligators. :)

    12-18-09 » 4:13 am »

  • Becky

    My favorite animal is a fish. I love to watch schools of fish move in schools. It is just so cool how they do it.

    12-18-09 » 12:42 pm »

  • Gillian

    I'm a kitty gal all the way : ) A warm ball of purring makes the coldest day better!

    12-18-09 » 5:33 pm »

  • M

    My favorite animal is the panda! So cute!


    12-18-09 » 11:39 pm »

  • Cynthia

    Peacock – how gorgeous are they?

    cynthia at cynthiaboris dot com

    12-19-09 » 2:19 am »

  • Becky

    My favorite animal is a bird. I love to listen to their sounds and watch them fly.

    12-19-09 » 2:56 am »

  • Kristen

    Tree frogs!
    Kristenlaudick at yahoo dot com

    12-19-09 » 3:17 am »

  • My name is Erin.

    My favorite animal is a Wombat…especially, Rosy the Wombat from The Animal Planet's "Growing Up Marsupial." I have never seen a cuter animal in a blue sweater vest.

    12-19-09 » 4:34 am »

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