Happy {2010} Weekend.

{Pablo Alfieri}

I cut out New Year’s resolutions a few years ago after making too many unfulfilled promises to myself and feeling bad about it. I’m not knocking them if you’re a fan, I’m just no good with such a big weight on my shoulders. (I’ll lose 50 lbs. I’ll . I’ll single-handedly be responsible for world peace.)

I’m more of a believer that instead of resolving to do something, we should try to make smaller life decisions that are part of our day to day existences. I plan on trying to drink more water, keeping in closer touch with friends and family and starting to landscape around my house. Easy enough because I know they’re all possible without too much trouble. What are your goals for 2010?

And because I’ve been out of the loop for the past few weeks, some of my favorite posts that have graced my reader recently:

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Happy Weekend + Best Wishes in 2010!

10 Comments on “Happy {2010} Weekend.”

  • Melissa Y. Allam

    I used to hate the resolutions too, but started to just make lists or goals in the past 2 years and look back in the New Year to see what I need to carry over. It can be a never ending list to carry over, but I do know that I at least accomplish a few things. I'm more about realistic goals too. I have few goals for 2010, but I have settled on all the details yet. I hope to do that next week. Happy New Year to you!

    01-01-10 » 12:20 am »

  • internet therapy

    I agree. Day to day changes that you can incorporate seem like much more of an achievable goal that these idealistic dreams we have come Jan. 1. Happy New Year to you and may 2010 bring you much happiness and success!

    01-01-10 » 2:45 am »

  • abby try again

    Happy New Year, dear!
    In 2010 I plan on taking life less seriously and laughing more. Cheers to you :)

    01-01-10 » 7:02 pm »

  • Agent AKA

    I am not a fan of resolutions either. I like just setting small daily or weekly goals. but some seemingly little goals like mine: stay organized. It will be a nightmare to complete.

    I love all the creature comfort stuff on this post. Their stuff is sooo cute.

    01-01-10 » 7:21 pm »

  • abigail

    I made only one resolution this year: quit complaining about high class problems.
    Happy New Year!

    01-01-10 » 8:55 pm »

  • simplesong

    lots of great posts! happy new year to you!

    01-03-10 » 3:40 am »

  • Anna

    A big one for me is to try to be more patient with people.

    01-03-10 » 9:09 am »

  • Make, Do & Send

    I realised today that I need to sloooow down and get more organised so I'm not always rushing around in a panic at the last minute! I think this is a goal I should tackle this year :)

    01-04-10 » 9:40 pm »

  • Make, Do & Send

    I realised today that I need to sloooow down and get more organised so I'm not always rushing around in a panic at the last minute! I think this is a goal I should tackle this year :)

    01-04-10 » 9:40 pm »

  • Samia

    I am saving this post and coming back to it again.. to enjoy the great posts and the free stuff here.. What a wonderful New Year Gift!!.. I love your blog.. Have been looking for a fresh breather for soometime n i think i have got one now.. :) really enjoyed..

    01-11-10 » 9:21 pm »

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